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Stephanie Hirsch is a 17-year entrepreneur who started selling insurance and vacuum cleaners on the streets of Chicago.

Through years of honing in her Superpowers, she learned that she’s nearly clairvoyant at seeing the steps and systems women need to sell a product or service that makes great money.

She has a unique ability to scale businesses from jobs to empires.

Stephanie started Moms Wear Capes because when she became a mom, she felt exhausted, isolated, and desperate for meaning and purpose in her life.

She found that most moms she met felt the same.

Therefore, she spent 9 months in Austin Texas interviewing some of the world’s most successful female entrepreneurs who shared their secrets to love, happiness, and business abundance.

These thirty interviews became the 12-week Superwoman School where women can follow alongside the Mom Leaders with five lessons weekly delivered via MP3, Transcript or Video with corresponding worksheet challenges.

Through the Superwoman School model, Stephanie currently consults women in Aspen colorado to take their businesses from taxing, troubled jobs to virtual empires that bring in the money these women dream of, and deserve.

When we nurture mothers, we nourish the world.

Mothers are raising the future of our world. At Moms Wear Capes, we’re raising moms.

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