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Email #1

Subject: How One Mom Turned Pain into Profit…

Pregnancy is weird.

You spend 9 months incubating a new life.  All eyes are on you and the magic you’re creating.

But once that baby is born?  You’re the lactating, puffy, bruised side-show.

This may last months… or even years.

My friend Stephanie had a child in 2015 and suffered tremendous loss of purpose, passion, identity and confidence.

When she realized she wasn’t alone, she took her 10 years of entrepreneurship experience and wrangled up 30 of the smartest women from her vast network to record the world’s most comprehensive school for women on the planet.

Superwoman School is a program that helps women reconnect with that powerful, life-creating lioness inside and turn passion into profit.

Her students actually learn how to reconnect with their deepest, sexiest, and most confident selves while building freedom working from home doing what they love.

Mothers are raising the future of our world.

Check out this [affiliate link] crazy story about how Stephanie beat postpartum depression and identity loss to build a phenomenal at-home business doing what she loves.




Motherhood is exhausting!  Do you know a mom who needs a little self-love?

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Email #2

Subject: The Force Is Within You


It’s a multisyllabic word that gets thrown around a lot in BOTH woo-woo and scientific circles (these days…)

But what does it mean?

You’ve heard of Think And Grow Rich.

You may have even seen my email signature by James Allen:

“A Person Is Only Limited By The Thoughts That He Chooses”.

But how exactly do we “create” our dream lives… with just our thoughts?

How can we make our mind our “best friend”?

Watch this video to find out how you can make your mind your best friend in just 5 minutes >>>

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Have you ever heard of “mom brain”?  It’s a real thing!  Mother’s devote so much love and energy to caretaking that they forget to take care of #1 – themselves.

Check out this video to find out how one mom learned to eliminate “mom brain” and unlock her mind’s greatest potential. [affiliate link]

Email #3

Subject: Turn Your Wildest Dreams Into Reality…

If you’re like me and basically every mom I’ve ever talked to…

You start to ask yourself some crazy questions when you become a mom.

(Because for even though we moms are desperately sleep-deprived, we often find ourselves awake in the wee hours pondering the meaning of life, right?!)

Andra Liemandt is no stranger to these questions.

When she had two little ones, she began to ask herself:

  • What am I here for?
  • Is there something more?

Andra’s courage to find answers turned into:

  • Starting her own band and record label
    Nationwide television appearances
    Writing and performing original music
    And best of all…

She felt like a true Superwoman in her own eyes… and especially in the eyes of her two young daughters.

Andra describes that feeling, and how she made her wildest dream a reality here [affiliate link] [signature]


There’s nothing more important to change the world than empowered children. Do you know a mom who needs to unleash her Superpowers? Share this incredible 2-minute video; it may change the life of a mom… and the world! [affiliate link]

Email #4

Subject: What Are Your Superpowers?

Do you ever encounter somebody who is so on-point with her purpose that it seems supernatural?

That woman is Corina.

Corina is a stunning mom and entrepreneur who:

  • Supports her family
  • Is CEO of a company she build from the ground up
  • Is free to work anywhere and spend lots of quality time with her son

What Corina has learned from years of working for herself is this:

You already have the gift. You were born with it.

Corina explains that, frankly, you don’t have to be an expert in… well… anything.

You just have to be two steps ahead of somebody who needs what you’ve got.

Just add water and… BOOM!

I wish I could paste this on the door of every mommy out there who’s wondering:

  • “Is there something more?” (YES)
  • “Do I need to go to college to support my family?” (NO)
  • “Am I skilled enough to do this by myself? (YES)

Check out today’s incredible Moms Wear Capes video for free here [affiliate link] …



Do you feel like you’re not doing what you’re meant to do?

Watch this free video and learn one simple way to unlock your deepest passion and purpose here. [affiliate link]

Email #5

Subject: Well this was surprising

Hey y’all.

I know, I know.  It’s been a minute since you’ve heard from me.

Seven months ago I transitioned from Mommy trainer to Mommy-in-training…

Wow.  Although I’ve always worked with mothers in various stages of pregnancy, post-partum, and beyond…

And I always knew it in my head that motherhood is the highest and hardest calling on the planet…

But now I know it with my entire aching, exhausted, frazzled, puffy, distended, lactating Being.

This shit is hard.

While I haven’t totally fallen off the fitness wagon… I’m slacking a bit.

While I have been able to maintain grades in my PhD program… that also involved completing three statistics assignments from a yoga ball during labor…

Like all of you, I don’t just know, but now I FEEL the demands of motherhood with my increasingly achy joints and sluggish neural synapses.

I feel the emotional, physical, sexual, and intellectual fatigue that is unique to motherhood.

But despite the fatigue, I’m also as inspired as I’ve ever been to be the woman my wife and daughter will look up to.

A few months ago, a friend of mine asked me to help her with a Moms Program.

The program is called Moms Wear Capes.  I thought it sounded cute, a little kitchy, but promising.

Because I like to help my friends, I allowed this mommy to feature me, at eight months pregnant, demonstrating fitness for her program.

I’m not going to lie, it was a stretch… literally.

What happened next shocked me…

I became a mom.  (Which I was fully expecting.)  And I needed the program myself.  (Which, quite frankly, I was not.)

Suddenly I found myself feeling disoriented, purposeless, isolated, and lacking meaning in my daily life.

Everything revolved around diaper changes and nap time.

Until my friend Stephanie sent me a login to the membership site at Moms Wear Capes.

Suddenly I was flooded with videos of Moms who felt the pressures unique to motherhood.

The pressures I was drowning under the weight of.

Thirty bestselling authors, CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and life coaches were suddenly at my fingertips, walking me through the unique problems I now had.

  • How can I stay connected to my spouse while my daughter needs my every waking moment?
  • How can I maximize my effectiveness at work so that I have more time for my family?
  • How can I meditate in an efficient and, frankly, speedy way so that I don’t feel like I’m losing my sh*# sometimes?
  • How do I build a new Tribe of wonder-women around me when my single friends are all focused on decidedly non-mommy activities like bars and concerts?
  • Is there life after motherhood?

The answer is YES.

Motherhood isn’t a burden.  It’s a blessing.

But you know that.

That’s why you’ve decided to make your wellness a priority.

That’s why you’re reading this email.

That’s why you’re on this earth.

But wellness is more than six-pack abs and a tight ass.

Let’s be honest, none of that matters if your heart is sick and your energy is waning.

Moms Wear Capes is the answer I needed.

I have reconnected with my mission, my purpose, my meaning, my relationships, and my overall health and mindfulness.

The program facilitates group discussions in a Members Forum where my super-smart friend Stephanie interacts one-on-one with mamas about anything from branding your business to reigniting passion in your relationships.

Don’t take my word for it.

Do yourself a favor and make Self-Care and Success after motherhood your priority.

Check this out  >>  [affiliate link]

Sign Off


Oh yeah, if you take nothing else away from this email please remember this, Superwoman.

We mothers are raising the future of our world.

If we don’t take care of ourselves, we can’t show up in the way our children need us to.

Be the woman your children deserve to look up to.

Start your Superwoman journey today [affiliate link]

Email #6

Subject: Well this was surprising

Recently, my life was transformed.

I had the chance to check out some videos on Confidence & Intimacy in the Moms Wear Capes Superwoman School.

And… like WHOA.  I didn’t realize how everything in my life is affected by my confidence.

  • My business.
  • My relationships.
  • Even my posture!

I felt like I went from a wilting flower to a mighty, tall oak; head held high.  I know, cheesy.  But totally accurate.

One of the reasons confidence is so important for women, and especially mothers, is because when you don’t have it, everybody around you suffers.

  • You don’t like who or what you see in the mirror.  You don’t want to go out in public or make new mom friends.
  • You feel rejected by others.  Your child may leach these feelings of insecurity.
  • You don’t even ask for a promotion in your job (when you well-deserve one!)

In a sneak peak video I want to share with you today, Colette Davenport, author of Kickass Confidence shares the #1 Thing You Must To Do Become More Confident.

All I have to say is this…

You’re never going to guess what it is so watch it now here. [create affiliate link to free video page]

Oh yeah, and if you want access to all of Colette’s incredible training, check out how you can become a Moms Wear Capes member today. [insert affiliate link to] [affiliate sign off]


If you know a woman or mother who needs something encouraging today – please bless them with this free video from Superwoman School.

You have every reason to be the most confident woman you know.

WATCH SHORT VIDEO HERE >> [create affiliate link to free video page] [signoff]

Email #1

Subject: The Force Is WITHIN You…


It’s a multisyllabic word that gets thrown around a LOT in both woo-woo and scientific circles (these days…)

But what does it mean?

You’ve heard of Think And Grow Rich.

You may have even seen this prolific quote by James Allen:

“A Person Is Only Limited By The Thoughts That He Chooses”.

But how exactly do we “create” our dream lives… with just our thoughts?

How can we make our mind our “best friend”?

Emily Rose breaks it down into tiny, easy-to-digest pieces in a free video I can’t wait to share with you today.  [insert affiliate link to free video page]

You have the power of life and death in your thoughts.

I can’t wait to share this video with you.  [insert affiliate link to] [AFFILIATE SIGNOFF]


I hope you enjoy this delicious nibble of an incredible video series from my friend Stephanie’s Superwoman school.  The experts in her program are brilliant.

WATCH THE FREE VIDEO HERE [insert affiliate link to free video page] [aff signoff]

Email #2



We are wired to yearn for it…

But having a heartache can sometimes paralyze us from moving on to receive it.

I recently saw a free video from something called Superwoman School that totally made my jaw drop.

In the video, bestselling author and love coach Ellen Smoak discusses how we can turn pain into personal power.

The advice is brilliant.  Here’s a sneak peak: Ellen, a prolific storyteller and writer, challenges us to rewrite our personal love stories.

What’s your story?

  • Do you have self-limiting beliefs?  (Beliefs that keep you stuck in your pain, not allowing you to move past it into peace?
  • Do you believe that you’re “prone” to pain?
  • Vulnerable to repeated heartache?
  • Do you believe your relationship is doomed?

(Either consciously or subconsciously.)

Remember this: Life isn’t happening to you, it’s happening for you.

Even heartache can be turned into triumph.

Check out this free video to learn about how you can rewrite your personal love story. [affiliate link to] [affiliate signoff]


You are worthy of the greatest love story you can write.

This inspiring video will show you how one women turned her deepest wounds into her greatest strengths.

WATCH IT HERE. [affiliate link to] [affiliate signoff]