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How Moms Get More Done By “Bending Time”…

Every mom encounters the same problem:

Since becoming moms we need to get MORE done and we have much LESS time.

Most people go to a 9-5 job.

They work forty hour weeks.

When you become a mom, you get somebody else ready instead of working on yourself.

You wake up at night with your child.

You spend evenings cooking for and cleaning after somebody else.

You spend your weekends entertaining your child(ren) instead of decompressing.

And kids are EXPENSIVE.

Becoming a mom means that you’re emotionally, psychologically, physically and financially strapped.

Here’s the real problem…

In less hours and with less money, moms want to start their own businesses.

(Just like 83% of millenials.)

We don’t want to work to line somebody else’s Porsche with leather seats.

We want to keep commissions and earnings that we work hard for.

What’s more, we want to make our own rules.

We want to create our own hours.

And most importantly, we want to make a real difference in elevating the world our child(ren) grow up in.

Deborah Whitby had that “ah-ha”, or, rather, “holy shit” moment when she had her son.

She took over a company with $400 in the bank and almost no assets besides a book of businesses and a beat up truck.

Over fifteen months she grew the company from $400 to $400,000 in revenue WHILE raising her toddler son.

In this video, Deborah shares with us how you can dominate in business AND be a present mom.

Deborah learned some critical lessons in her journey to success and wealth.

How To Bend Time Through Delegating Tasks

Deborah learned that she can get more done and take in more money by delgating tasks.

In a thriving business, the same person doing the bookkeeping isn’t the best person to do the marketing.

The plumbers in Deborah’s plumbing business were not the same people who needed to be in the white-collared business consulting sessions.

Most importantly, if you don’t make the investment to get help, you’ll never, ever get to the next level in your business.

If you want to make more money, you can’t be the chief cook and bottle washer forever…

How To Move From A Transactional To Relational Mindset

Imagine you’re at home and a six foot four man in a beat up plumbing truck walks up to your house.

You’ve called a plumber, sure.

But even though you’re expecting the visitor, you are uncomfortable.

Your dog gives the dude a gnarly growl and your own hair stands up on end at letting a stranger come into your home.

“Why didn’t I wait for somebody else to be in the house before I let these people in here?” You ask yourself.

Okay, step away from the set-up to a horror movie now and imagine what Deborah felt when she, as a beautiful woman and mother, took over a plumbing company.

She moved from a transactional to a relational mindset.

She really got into her customers’ heads to find out what they wanted and needed from her company.

They didn’t need merely plumbing, they needed peace of mind.

Deborah makes sure that her company goes the extra step to make her customers feel at ease.

They text before a plumber arrives, assuring customers of who will arrive, and precisely when.

They find out if there are children or dogs in the home.

They communicate before they take money, and especially after a transaction to make sure people feel like people, not transactions.

This is one of the ways that Austin Plumber has become one of the most successful startups in Austin Texas.

How To Uplevel Your Business To Make Room For Growth…

Take a moment to think about what tasks you can delegate in your business.

Maybe you can’t trust anybody else to write content or send your customer emails, but are you able to delegate social media management?

Perhaps you aren’t a numbers person and need a bookkeeper to maintain financial stability.

Are you ignoring the highest-revenue producing factors in your business because you’re focusing on the “small” stuff?

How can you drive more high-paying customers instead of lots of low-paying ones?

Consider some of these factors and then take a peek at this incredible Webinar that teaches you exactly how moms like Deborah are bringing in six figures or more every year in their own businesses.