4 Reasons Why The Last 4 Years of Therapy Haven’t Worked…

  1.  You aren’t clear about what you want and why We go to therapy for different reasons - depression, anxiety, shit is not working and life does not look the way you want it to. But do you know exactly what you want and more importantly, why?   If you’re not talkin about what [...]

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This One Thing Will Determine Your Success or Failure in Relationship

We grow and evolve or we stagnate and die. - Colette Davenport Growth vs. Fixed Mindset According to Carol Dweck, Ph.D., one of the world’s leading researchers in the field of motivation, “Having a fixed mindset means believing your personal traits are fixed.” As it pertains to relationships, here are two problems attributed to a [...]

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Can Super Moms Lack Confidence and Still Kick Ass?

The short answer is NO WAY. But you already knew that. The thing about confidence is, when it’s shaky everything is affected. If it’s important to you to be a great mom, keep the spark alive in your marriage, and have a life outside these two roles you can’t have crappy confidence in yourself. See [...]

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Why My New Years Resolution Is To Stop Saying Sorry

A few years ago on New Years I resolved to do the Whole 30 Cleanse.  It was grueling but totally worth the pain. Last year I resolved to begin writing again after allowing my gift to sit dormant while I bathed in the sweetness of my new baby.  I hope it's beginning to bless many people. [...]

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Amy Schumer’s Shocking Sexuality and Confidence Journey

On a spectrum of sexual adventurousness, I'm probably just right of the Pope and left of God.  I'm unabashedly anti-porn and you won't catch me rocking costumes and rolling 50 Shades Style if I have my way. How I ended up with Amy Schumer's biography The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo, I may never know.  (I suspect Audible recommended [...]

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