Staying Calm With Teens and Tweens

I was talking with a 14 year old yesterday. She told me "I'm worried all the time... about my mom and her health, about my little brother, about school, about my friends, about other people in the world who I can't trust… I feel like I have to take care of everything." This 14 year [...]

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The 100 Best Songs To Jam To With Kids

I've searched high and low for great kids' playlists and, frankly, they all kinda suck. So I've taken it upon myself to share with you the ultimate kid-friendly playlist of songs that won't drive you crazy. You see, when I was pregnant, I went on a music fast that involved removing all non-religious music from [...]

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5 Tips For Choosing The Best Sitters on

There are few things more exciting than imagining some much-needed "me-time" after you have a baby. But sadly, there are few things more horrifying than the thought of leaving your child with a "stranger". I'm constantly asked how I found care I trust in a town I just moved to with no family or friends. [...]

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50 Signs You Might Be A Mom…

You Might Be A Mom If...  You reserve the hashtag #worstdayever for when your kid doesn't nap.  Car crash?  Puh-lease.  #firstworldproblems You wear snot, spit-up, and drool with dignity because, well, you have no other choice. You sacrifice hundreds of dollars in makeup a year to the groping, clumsy hands of your toddler just so [...]

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Secrets To Dining Out With Baby

If you've seen it once you've seen it a thousand times.  Mom and dad are sitting with a wiggly, fussy baby boxing up their half-eaten food and looking around the room with red faces.  Are they embarrassed, exhausted, or irate?  Probably a mix of all three! From an early age, we brought our son to [...]

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