9 Lies You’ve Heard About Exercise During Pregnancy

There are dozens of reasons to stay active during pregnancy. It relieves stress, helps your mood, improves sleep, boosts confidence and increases body awareness. What's more... and this is really motivating... research shows that women who exercise during pregnancy have shorter, easier labors with fewer complications.  They enjoy less swelling, less constipation, better posture, decreased [...]

Healthy Cookies To Fool Everyone At Your Holiday Party…

  I'm going to warn you - you will want to eat 100 of these, but you won't because they're incredibly, delightfully filling! When I make my Banana Oatmeal Cookies, I make a huge batch of the most basic kind and then set out dried fruits, chocolates, raw sugar, coconut flakes, peanuts, and even sprinkles [...]

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The Only Thing You Need For Postpartum Abs

When I began posting photos of my workout progress on Instagram following the birth of my son, I was flooded with text messages from my friends asking me, "seriously, HOW did you do that?"  They weren't referring to my arms... they were referring to my abs!  I was actually shocked. To be frank, it's always funny [...]

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