Doing Less To Get More “Done”: My Keys To Self-Care…

Are you getting enough self-care? I find that I need between 15-30% of my "work" day to be self-care oriented. It can be "productive", or it can be napping. I work for a few hours in the morning, then workout, run, hike, lift weights or do yoga. As I'm luxuriously getting ready, I prepare to [...]

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Listening To Spirit Through My Body…

"Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” - The Bhagavad Gita Last week my personal and spiritual evolution got annihilated in 90 minutes. During a yoga class... You'd think that sounds pretty reasonable, right? After all, isn't yoga somewhat fundamentally about returning to your true self? Isn't the asana [...]

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3 Ways Moms (Drastically) Increase Happiness…

I was just speaking with a friend who is constantly playing the “if only” card… i.e. the world’s smallest violin. “Well, if only he was nicer to me.” “If only I made more money.” “If only I were getting more sleep.” The truth is, this mama is making herself unhappy. Girl, you gotta take that [...]

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Why Time Away From Your Kids Makes You A Better Mom…

You're probably here because, like me, you found motherhood to be WAY harder than you thought. You may have lost connection with family, coworkers, your lover, and even your life's purpose. Every day you are tethered to your child's every whim. What you wouldn't give for a NAP... or even a shower... There are days [...]

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3 Things I Learned From My $10k Business Coach

I recently hired a business coach with the hair-raising price tag of $10,000 for 10 sessions. Each session was a 1-hour remote call with this coach from abroad; he lives in Israel and we spoke on Skype. Although the money was a stretch, the coach had worked with several of my business and marketing peers [...]

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Using Willpower To Ignite Your Inner Superwoman…

I'm overcome with joy... and shock... that I'm in my house after evacuating for 6 days last week due to the #basaltshootingrange #LakeChristineFire that almost completely enveloped my sweet, small town.  This video shows how close we were to losing (literally) the entire town. This isn't the first fire I've overcome this year. My Aspen [...]

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How To Cast Love Spells on Everybody Around You…

Do you know what purpose you were BORN to fulfill?When you wake up in the morning and take that first sip of coffee, are you filled with a sense of confidence, clarity, creativity, and connection to something larger than diaper changes, nap times, baseball practice, and carpools to the world?Or are you filled with dread [...]

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Coming Up With YOUR First Million Dollar Business Idea…

The reason I say first is because most women who start profitable at-home businesses can’t stop at just one! I’m going to first outline the three objectives you must have and then five questions you must ask yourself today in order to find YOUR 1,000,000 dollar business idea.  Solve A Problem The first thing you [...]

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The #1 Mistake Women Make In Business…

THE #1 MISTAKE MOMS MAKE WHEN IT COMES TO MAKING MONEY What’s the #1 thing moms fail at when it comes to making money? We actually play it too safe. But it’s not our fault. Since we were young girls we’ve been taught to be pretty, perfect, and polite. But if you want to write [...]

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How To Succeed In Your Heroine’s Journey…

Have you ever heard the analogy of the Hero’s Journey?  The concept derives from Joseph Campbell. He realized that in every story with a hero, from Odysseus to Jesus Christ to Joan of Arc,  the exact same pattern emerges. First, the hero sets off on his or her journey.  She leaves the common world into [...]

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Why MOMS Are Divinely Called To Start Businesses

I get asked this question constantly - why Superwoman School? I get paid over $500 an hour to counsel businesses in startup mode. My life is pretty easy... But I found that it wasn't enough for me to help one person at a time. I started Moms Wear Capes because I found motherhood to be [...]

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5 Questions To Help You Find Your Purpose In Life…

5 Questions To Help You Find Your Life’s Purpose If you’ve read about my postpartum journey or seen my story in Moms Wear Capes Academy, you know how passionately I feel about finding your life’s purpose. Some children know what they love from a very young age.  Horses. Marine biology. Soccer or baseball. Those are great [...]

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8 Videos To Help You Identify Your Life’s Purpose

When I became a mom, I was desperately lonely for an inspiring tribe. During that time, every mom I met said the same thing. “I feel like I’ve lost my purpose in life. I feel like my days have no meaning. I’ve lost myself in motherhood. I miss the woman who used to ______” I [...]

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What I Learned Reading 55 Books This Year

  Don't let anybody tell you that reading is for children and the elderly.  It is my firm conviction that you can devour dozens of books annually even while in your prime earning years.  I'm one of the busiest working moms I know and I indulged in 55 scrumptious titles this year alone.  (It's December 11th [...]

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