How Postpartum Depression Almost Landed Me In Jail… (Pt 2 in PPD Series)

Pregnancy was one big frat party to the indefinite hangover that was postpartum. Unlike pregnancy, there weren’t any concise go-to books to help me get through postpartum.  During pregnancy, there’s one goal: to deliver a living baby.  In postpartum there are more issues than you could ever write a single book about.  Just a few [...]

Repainting My Postpartum Portrait (Part 3 in PPD Series)

Repainting My Postpartum Portrait Her love was full-throated and all encompassing and unadorned. Every day she blew through her entire reserve. ~Cheryl Strayed In September I was now 6 months postpartum and I honestly look about as good as I’ve ever looked. The doctor’s office decided not to press charges. I was finally reveling in [...]

Quelling The Rage Monster… (Part 4 of PPD Series)

Quelling The Rage Monster My beloved teacher Alison Armstrong also discusses in her magnificent talk “Understanding Women”[4] the concept of a rage monster. This is when insult piles up upon injury and women (because men don’t generally do this) stuff it all down, put smiles on their faces, and continue to nurture everybody else and [...]

How PPD Exhaustion Can Make You Feel Out Of Your Mind… (Part 1 in PPD Series)

My son was barely three months old when postpartum depression took hold of me. My husband and I were moving into our home after a 9-month remodel. On the outside, I should have been the happiest woman alive. The house was truly magnificent and situated on a world-class fly-fishing river. The sun was shining and [...]

“Your Child is Only A Potted Plant Once…”

“Your child is only a potted plant once...” My newborn son was three weeks old when I heard something that changed the course of the next year... His godfather is a surgeon and has some pretty strong opinions on anything health-related, as you can imagine. When my son was born, our friend the surgeon strongly [...]