The Most Important Thing I’ve Ever Learned About Love…

I am honored to know a brilliant researcher and methodologist from whom I once paid $1,000 an hour for professional coaching. This man has written over 180 methodologies in business, professional coaching, education, and even love. When faced with his own failed relationship, he did what came naturally to him; he studied everything there was [...]

Why Women Need Alone Time…

Did you ever notice that sometimes you really, REALLY love being ALONE? You may be absolutely crazy about your lover, your family, or your friends. But as much as you love them, you thrive on alone time. Perhaps your husband is going on a fishing trip this weekend. Do you find yourself dreaming about all [...]

Is Anger A Form of Love?

My friend Sara, an energy healer and overall badass health genius, once told me that anger is a form of love and I was left in shock. How could something that causes so much pain come from love? I associated anger with it's extreme manifestations; yelling, name-calling, and even physical assault. But then I pondered [...]

Why Feeling Love is Our Birthright…

Is Your Sex Life Stale? I was totally shocked... ... when I admitted on camera in Superwoman School that marriage, for me, was sexual trauma. Dr. Diane Kobrynowicz, a social psychologist and sex therapist who specializes in wellness and women’s issues for 30 years, spent some time with me on camera really digging into why [...]

What’s More Valuable Than A Yacht Full of Diamonds?

I'm going to tell you this straight up: I'm the last person to ask about relationship advice. There is a 99.999995% chance I'll never give relationship advice, except to illustrate the numerous errors I've made via this very therapeutic and self-deprecating act of blogging. You see, in the only two relationships I've had in my adult life, I've [...]