The Surprising Science Of Smiling…

The Surprising Science of Smiling I can't believe how powerful smiles are. Even if it is a forced smile, when you curl up the corners of your lips, endorphins immediately flood your brain. It triggers dopamine, which accelerates your body's feeling of bliss and euphoria by triggering your reward nerve centers. Go On A Rampage... [...]

Three Jobs Moms Must AVOID To Make Money From Home

Why are moms suffering... personally and financially? Because we are categorically the most vulnerable people in society! You see, when we become moms, we immediately trade in our 40 hour work week for a whopping 98 hour work week, according to a study published by WorkingMother(dot)com. Some women choose to work, where they're not entitled [...]

5 Exercises To Attract Money To Your Life

  Dr. Caroline Leaf writes: “You cannot sit back and wait to be happy and healthy and have a great thought life; you have to make the choice to make this happen. You have to choose to get rid of the toxic and get back in alignment with God. You can be overwhelmed by every [...]