Can Super Moms Lack Confidence and Still Kick Ass?

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The short answer is NO WAY. But you already knew that.

The thing about confidence is, when it’s shaky everything is affected. If it’s important to you to be a great mom, keep the spark alive in your marriage, and have a life outside these two roles you can’t have crappy confidence in yourself.

See if this fits for you. The kids are happy and healthy because you have thrown yourself joyfully into the role of mom. Your thoughts and actions are almost exclusively tied to “mothering”. You’ve put everyone else’s needs ahead of your own and now you’re not 100% happy (or healthy) and your self image is taking a hit.

Maybe your marriage is too.

A lot of moms lose themselves which can lead to a lack of confidence in themeless and their intimate relationships. If you’re having a hard time getting out of mommy-mode and feel overwhelmed and unsure of how to get your groove back consider this your call to action. Getting your confidence back could be the key to getting your marriage back to full steam.

The problem with always being in mommy-mode is that you sacrifice yourself and the foundation of what makes you and your partner an unstoppable team. I’m talking about self-care and sexual intimacy. I know it’s hard to take time for you (hello guilt!) or, let’s be real – get turned on, when you’re focused on “kid stuff” or “house stuff”. But if you neglect these aspects long enough things will start to breakdown.

You’ll wind up feeling guilty either way.

The cost of that neglect and guilt might look like weight gain, fighting, questioning him, blaming yourself, or self-medicating. All of which mean more stress and tension in the home. I know you don’t want that. The truth is you’re smart and capable but your confidence needs work.

What if you had the clarity and support to shift your perspective to one of self-love and belief that you deserve your desires? What would it be like to re-energize and reconnect with yourself and your partner? Imagine feeling desire and arousal instead of guilt and frustration.

Here’s your chance to take a bold action and say “Yes!” to self-care and sexual intimacy.

If lack of confidence is getting in the way of you having the kind of marriage and life you know is possible, here are five steps to overcoming that hurdle.

CHOOSE what you want your life to look like. Be honest about where you are now then get clear about what you want for yourself as a mom, as a wife, and as a woman.

Embrace all that is present in your life and have GRATITUDE for it all – including your “flaws”. Shift your mindset from fear and scarcity to love and abundance. Bonus: Quiet the critical voice in your head.

You deserve your DESIRES. Know, trust, and express them clearly and confidently. If you don’t know or trust what your heart desires, you cannot ask for it and you will not receive it.

TRUST your capabilities. Set yourself up for success by arranging your environments so that your needs get met. Say ‘no’ to everything and everyone that doesn’t contribute to your health and happiness. (yes, you can say ‘no’.)

Use your POWER. Build the strategy, plan the actions, and implement the measures to gauge your success.

Take a moment now to visualize what life will look like when you’ve taken each of these five steps.

You might wake up feeling like a badass. You’ll surely be more confident than you have in a long while. You’ll get respect and cooperation from your partner once again, but more importantly, you will be ALL OF YOU.

You’ll be able to relax and have great sex, knowing that life is under control. You’ll trust yourself and your marriage and have the happy, healthy family you fantasize about where everyone is connected and content.

If you’re saying “Hell yes, I want that!” we’ve got you covered. Unleashing Your Confidence for Intimacy – a group coaching program exclusively for MomsWearCapes members is starting soon. It’s a small but mighty group of moms who want more. You’ll have the opportunity to get one-on-one coaching in addition to learning from the weekly lessons and recorded calls.

To learn more about Confidence, Intimacy, Sex, Love, Polarity, and Building Lasting Love, visit Superwoman School today.



2018-05-16T05:51:52+00:00By |Confidence|0 Comments

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Colette Davenport leverages more than 20 years of formal training and life experiences to support her tribe of kick-ass couples. She's an outspoken blogger, published author, and magnetizing speaker who specializes in coaching executives and entrepreneurs. Colette is exceptional at supporting those who feel stuck in sexless marriages heal their wounds, feel the flames of desire, and get intimately reconnected...without spending endless hours in therapy. Colette's approach to intimacy is uniquely suited to today's achievement-oriented lifestyle. She engages people in a loving and no-bullshit conversation so they can get clear, get connected, and get on with living an extraordinary life. Private clients and presentation audiences are able to understand their compelling desire, pinpoint personal barriers, and effectively navigate the uncomfortable emotions that tend to get in the way. VIP programs generate lasting transformation (rather than instant gratification), leading to a client's "New Normal". Colette is a guest instructor at an area college where she teaches a course in Tantra, which she describes as "the sexual-spiritual expression of love for self and others".  In 2016 Colette was interviewed alongside Melinda Garvey, founder of Austin Woman Magazine, on the Classic 105.3 morning radio show. Miss Davenport has been a guest expert on multiple podcasts and telesummits and is a Love & Sex "Expert Among Us" on the popular lifestyle blog,, as well as a contributor for #BESOMEBODY Advice. In an effort to contribute to her community, in 2009 Colette founded Cause to Celebrate. The non-profit produced events to raise funds and awareness for charities like Life Works, Safe Place, and The Austin Zoo while giving sponsoring local businesses exposure to the philanthropic social segment. Colette is currently expanding her business to develop The Davenport Group, a team of women who provide intimate, inspired, and action-oriented relational support to people in positions of power and influence. The group is focused on restoring relationship integrity so client's can lead wholeheartedly and fully supported.

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