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“Give me the child for the first seven years and I will give you the man.” – Ignatius of Loyola


Throughout the first thirty-some odd years of my own life, I was somewhat conscious of the fact that I had generational habits hanging over my life.
In some part of me deep down, I saw these as “curses”.
Once I discovered the power to create my own reality, I learned something incredible. They weren’t curses. They were habits I had the power to change.
Dr. Bruce Lipton says that 95% of our current reality comes from PROGRAMS that we get in the first 7 years of life.
Lonely parents raise lonely children. Alcoholics raise alcoholics. Binge eaters raise people who struggle with weight, eating disorders, and diabetes. Depressed parents raise depressed children. Rich people stay rich; and poor people remain in poverty and scarcity.
I know this is a bold claim. But Dr. Lipton has coined the now widely adopted phrase “epigenetics”; which is essentially the ability to CHANGE our genetic coding through our minds.
You see, we learn 95% of our behaviors before we’re consciously able to choose what we want for our lives.
In his work “The Biology of Belief”, Dr. Lipton uses the image of the movie “The Matrix”. The Matrix, he claims, “… is not science fiction. It’s a documentary.”
He explains that every human in their first seven years downloads codes, like hypnosis. Because children under seven have brains in a lower vibrational frequency than consciousness.
It’s part of what allows children to imagine or pretend and truly believe that, for instance, they are Spiderman or Wonder Woman when they put on costumes and play.
This brain state is called theta; and it’s also hypnosis.
Before children become conscious, nature has designed it so that they learn the programs required to live and survive. And they learn by watching the world around them.
Robert Kiyosaki’s seminal work “Rich Dad Poor Dad” even identifies these programs as what keeps people rich or poor. It has nothing to do with intellect, but with our unconscious programming as either rich or poor.
I experience this with my business coaching clients every day. One woman shared her programs with me in a call earlier this week. I asked her, “Jennifer, where does your scarcity around money come from? What did your parents tell you about money?!”
“My dad used to say, “money doesn’t grow on trees, Jen. Who do you think we are, the Rockefellers?” Or the most tragic one, “life’s hard, Jen.”
If 95% of our lives comes from programs in the subconscious, and we spent the first seven years of our lives observing sickness, psychological trauma, and struggle; how do we work with the mere 5% of consciousness remaining to create the reality we want?
Dr. Lipton outlines a few steps we can take. **(We’ll learn dozens more specific ways you can rewire programs around love, money, addiction, and joy during our workshop!)
1. Recognize your programming. Are you working too hard to make ends meet? Do you struggle with drugs or alcoholism? Do you find yourself sabotaging your romantic relationships? When something in your life isn’t working, it’s because you have subconscious programming that causes you to create that reality.
2. Reprogram your mind! Neurologist and author Dr. Caroline Leaf wrote a phenomenal book called “Switch on Your Brain” that I was introduced to a few years ago about how we can literally rewire our brains to create the life we want. It’s like The Secret… but backed by REAL science.
One of the many secrets Lipton identifies to retrain our brains is repetition. For instance, every day we can reprogram our brains to say things like, “I am happy. I am wealthy. I am healthy.” Your body and life will follow suit.
I used this “Fake it til you make it” technique to elevate my psychological wellness and overall confidence and I’d love you to check it out here.
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