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“If you do not treat yourself with love and respect, you are remitting a signal that is saying you are not important enough.”
Rhonda Byrne

For a period of my life, it felt like everybody treated me like garbage.  My partner didn’t respect me and talked down to me in public. 

I dreaded my son coming into his own thinking that it was “normal” to speak to women that way; especially his mom! 

But it wasn’t just my partner.  Everywhere I went I felt small, girlish, berated, and disrespected.

When I began writing about self-care and Confidence, I learned that I had actually created the lack of love and respect in my life.

You see, like the Rhonda Byrne quote above states: when I do not treat myself with love and respect, I remit a signal that it’s okay for others not to treat me with respect.

Treat Yourself The Way You Want Others To Treat You

The actions we take become our thoughts, and visa versa.

If you see yourself as being unworthy of respect or love, you attract people to you who treat you with disrespect or disdain.

The more negatively you see yourself, the more negatively others will treat you.  

Are you prone to negative self-talk, doubt, or even hatred for yourself?

This will energetically come out, if it doesn’t already reveal itself through your language patterns.

When you hold a high standard for the way you want to treat yourself, you will hold the same standard for the people around you.

There was a time when everybody around me treated me like a maid, nurse, sideshow, or even personal assistant; even in my own home. 

It isn’t the fault of those acquaintances; they were merely reflecting the way I thought about myself.

Begin to think of the most self-expressed, confident, purposeful and peaceful version of you.  Draw her on a piece of paper (use this video to help you come up with an idea) and now see her everywhere you go.  Get a good image of this radiant, confident woman so that whether or not you have the ability to look in a mirror, you always have the image of that woman in your mind’s eye.

See the way you want her to be treated and you will attract people who treat you in kind.

Love Spending Time With Yourself

How can you expect others to enjoy being with you if you don’t enjoy being with yourself?

If in your quiet moments you are fraught with feelings of despair, depression, and darkness, how do you think you’re going to be a Light for your friends, coworkers, and family?

When you learn to enjoy spending time with yourself, you become a person that others love to be around.

You will attract more people who appreciate your beauty, creativity, wit, sensitivity, or whatever it is that makes you divinely unique.

The way you feel about yourself cannot be hidden; the thoughts we have radiate energy, even when we’re trying to hide them.

Have you ever met somebody and felt like there was darkness around them, even if they’re putting on their best lighthearted or happy face?

We are all energy; our bodies are literally held together by energy.

Fill your own cup with self-care, enjoy your own unique gifts, and be the magnetic person people love to be around by first enjoying the company of your magnificent self.

Don’t Sacrifice Yourself For Others – Ever.

Consider this concept: you can’t pour from an empty cup.

If you sacrifice your own mental, emotional, and spiritual health in “service” to others, you will deplete yourself. 

Imagine how you feel when you’re depleted.  You’re irritable, you lack the sharp thinking or clarity you need to run your business, and you don’t feel enough energy to give your family what they deserve.

Now remember a time when you felt powerful, clear-headed, and creative.  You may have made beautiful Lego creations with your children, made up a song or worked on your poetry or fiction novel.  You felt so refreshed and everybody around you was the beneficiary.

Remember That God’s Resources Are Infinite…

When you sacrifice yourself for others, you are not giving God credit for having enough to go around.

If you think you need to go without, you’re admitting to yourself and to the Universe that it’s resources are limited.

It is your responsibility to meet your own needs, in the same way it’s your child’s responsibility to state his or her needs.

Self-love and Self-Care are the best way to actually benefit those around you.

If you don’t fill your own cup, you won’t have anything to give to others.

Your needs are necessities.

Show your children that they can generate their own joy and happiness by modeling it for them through the way you treat yourself.

If you want to tether your relationships, marriage, business, friendships, and life to your deepest passions and purpose, watch this video I’ve made for you.

2019-03-25T06:02:24+00:00By |Confidence|0 Comments

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