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Our goal here at Moms Wear Capes is to help 10,000 mothers start their own businesses.

When you own your own business you:

  • Create your own (flexible!) hours
  • Keep profits for yourself (instead of lining the pockets of some corporate fat-cat)
  • Build meaningful businesses that give back to your community
  • Model independence, resourcefulness, and entrepreneurship for your family

Too many mothers wind up selling snake oil or getting conned into pyramid schemes that:

  1. Require tons of capital…
  2. Don’t make a ton of money…
  3. Force you to badger friends and family…

Here in Aspen Colorado, I consult small businesses for $250 an hour.

But because I’m SO committed to seeing my dream come alive of mothers creating real, profitable, scalable businesses…

I’ve selected a small handful of Superwomen (that’s you) to participate in a 12-month LIVE group training with me.

I’m a seasoned entrepreneur with 15 years of business experience behind me in:

  • Real Estate
  • Investing
  • Internet Marketing
  • Health Foods
  • Information Products
  • Publishing
  • Small Business Consulting

Most importantly, I’m a mom.

I understand how hard it is to run your own business as a mom; and I’ve learned the tricks to make motherhood your greatest ASSET in running your own business.

Click the button below to get started and I’ll be personally sending you an email soon to get started on our first call together!

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