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Manifesting From A “Cool” Feminine Place…

Yummy yummy YUMMY!  This is one of my favorite moments in all 60 of the videos we shot for the initial Moms Wear Capes program.

In this FREE Moms Wear Capes lesson, Emily Rose talks to us about financial abundance manifested through the feminine place of openness and receptivity.  

Say whaaa?!?!

By now most of us have done a lot of work exploring the masculine and feminine energetics and you have a pretty good grasp of why understanding the balance and polarity in your own personality as well as your partner’s is critical to your growth and success.

Theoretically, money is an energetic exchange.  The more impact we make on the world, the more money we make.

(That’s, naturally, contingent on you having the courage or savvy to charge for your services!)

But generally speaking, the more people you help, the more money you make.  And here’s the best part: the more money you make, the more people you can help!

When you align yourself to the feminine energy, or receptivity, you’re opening yourself to receiving more money.

Emily Rose explains masculine and feminine energetics with the analogy of a mountain.  

The sun is rising on one side and it’s early in the morning.  It’s warm and the sun brings a fast, fiery energy.  The other side of the mountain is cool and slow and has more of a water element to it.  

The hot side of the mountain is yang, or masculine energy.  The cool side of the mountain is yin, or feminine energy.

The masculine side of the mountain is the productive energy – go-go-go, action oriented.  It’s schedules and routines and action. It’s miracle morning practices and all-nighters.

The yin side, however, is the receptive nature.  It flows like water and listens before taking action.  The receptive nature has an inward motion.

Why is this important for our businesses?

Because we need to be able to receive love and abundance from a feminine place of receptivity.   Yes, you can be measurably more productive in your business by not doing so much!

Embodying the hot, productive, action-oriented “yang” or masculine side of the mountain causes us to miss out on something critical to receiving more money.  

It’s to NOT do in order to be MORE productive.

Listen to the voice of Inspiration that speaks to us all.  (Don’t be so busy on the sunny side of the mountain that you can’t hear it!)

Now for our exercise today.

What is the #1 thing mom’s do to kill the voice of inspiration?  What’s the word that mom’s constantly repeat that KILLS their ability to manifest abundance?   Should

For today, catch yourself “shoulding” all over yourself.  

  • Give yourself the permission to receive love and money.
  • Give yourself permission to embody the flow of the waters on the cool side of the mountain.  
  • Feel yourself open to love and money.  Focus on how you can be still and listen to a Divine voice or wisdom.
  • Receive love, receive inspiration, pick up a pen and write down the inspired thoughts you’ll hear.  

In order to be in touch with my own feminine receptive nature, I like to start with a ten minute meditation.  Stop the clock. Turn off the phone. Quiet the noise, and listen.

But that might not be what you need.  Perhaps you need to take a bath or get in a nice long run.

To help quiet the voice of “should” in your mind, write down three to five “should’s” in your life.  Listen to yourself saying them today. Here are a few of mine to get you thinking.

  • “I “should” spend time cooking dinner for Hunter as opposed to going out when I’m tired.
  • “I “should” read this Dora book with him (for the hundredth time) even though my dirty house is making me nervous and uncomfortable.”
  • “I “should” have my emails beautifully designed like newsletters  (Even though I would rather spend that time on writing authentic, quality content.)  
  • “I “shouldn’t get a sitter this weekend to work for a few hours.  I “should” be spending every minute with my son that I can… they grow up too fast.
  • I “shouldn’t” need to decompress by watching hours of Sex In The City reruns this weekend.  I “should” be burning the midnight oil…