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Andra Liemandt became a mom and felt the burden of having lost her identity, purpose, passion, and mission in life.

Like the Superwomen reading this, Andra took the bull by the horns… in a BIG way.

It started when some friends asked Andra to join them in music lessons.

Before she knew it, Andra found herself on stage with all her friends and family around, playing the drums with a ragtag group of other mamas.

Most importantly, her two young daughters were in the front row – armed with big earmuffs – looking at their budding rockstar mama like she was a goddess.

Andra admits: she was awful.

But the power and confidence she felt on that stage transformed her.  It felt magical.  She was truly thriving in her purpose.

Tethering herself to the ephemeral feeling of being alive in her purpose, Andra took her need for Mom Tribe, Purpose, Passion, and Identity and created a band called the Mrs.

The Mrs. is a band based off female empowerment.

The women – four mothers from Austin Texas, write music designed to inspire them to live their dreams.

Becoming a mother was also a big part of Andra’s inspiration, saying, But becoming a mother taught me even deeper lessons about strength, and my girls are a huge source of inspiration to me every day. I know they’re watching, and I want to pass on the values of passion, drive, and being independently-minded.”

Mothers are prey to the perpetual feeling of “not enough”.

In response to that crappy Mom Guilt feeling (we talk a LOT about how to rid yourself of Mom Guilt in the Moms Wear Capes Superwoman School), The Mrs. is on a mission to let women know that they’re enough.  They even released a song called “Enough” that illustrates the need for all of us to realize that we are full of potential and purpose that’s eager to be unearthed.

The Mrs is on a mission to connect with and empower women like us, who strive for a full life and want to have it all: personal relationships, careers, marriages, children, and friendships. The core message of our band is that you are enough, and that’s an ethos each of us tries to live by.”

Andra shares that her children were the guiding inspiration for this song. “They were the inspiration behind “Enough,” which helped catapult the band to where we are now… I was tucking one of them in one night after an extremely hard day, and she looked up at me and said, ‘You’re the best mommy in the whole world.’ It made me pause and realize that despite how mean I’d been to myself all day, she saw me in a totally opposite light. She saw me as whole and wonderful.”

Check out The Mrs here >

About Andra

Moms Wear Capes Superwoman School Expert Andra Liemandt is a coveted keynote speaker, a drummer, a philanthropic leader and an influencer in the Austin community. Her work focuses on sharing the message that you are enough to audiences everywhere, to encourage them to accept themselves and that it’s never too late to follow your dreams. She has graced the cover of Austin Woman Magazine and is on a mission to positively impact women and children in the Austin community and beyond.  


After graduating college from Texas Lutheran University, Andra’s career included working at Dell computers as well as being a pharmaceutical sales representative for Abbott Laboratories.


Andra is now the founder of The Mrs, an all-female four-piece pop-rock band, and the head of JL Entertainment, their record label. The band has been featured on Good Morning America, Billboard, BuzzFeed, People and The Queen Latifah Show. They’ve played together for three years and gained momentum almost immediately after releasing their first music video featuring a Magic Mirror that shifted the way women saw themselves with messages of empowerment. That video has been viewed over five million times. The band is about to release their self-titled debut album in March, and continues to create infectious tunes to inspire and uplift their listeners.

Andra has spent many years dedicating her time in the philanthropic world to organizations such as Hand to Hold, The Safe Alliance, The Survive2Thrive Foundation, The Center for Child Protection, Just Keep Living, and the Miracle Foundation to name a few. She’s chaired the silent auction for St Gabriel’s School Gala and served on multiple committees including Dell Children’s, Women’s Day Selection Committee and the Texas Film Society.

Most recently, she founded The Kindness Campaign to spread kindness as a key to changing the way children relate to themselves and one another. She pulled together a talented team to create a powerful curriculum created to prevent bullying, which includes taking the Magic Mirror to schools to allow kids to see themselves differently. In it’s first year, the curriculum was translated into Spanish and has been implemented in 50 schools around Austin.

Andra lives in Austin with her husband Joe and her two children Kate and Elle.

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