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Get Back The Feeling… Down There…

“I can’t feel anything in between my legs…”  I lamented.

What happened?

I was just enjoying the most sexually and energetically pleasurable season of my life.

And then suddenly, nothing.

I couldn’t feel aroused for my life.  Nothing that “used to” work was working now.

Six weeks ago I experienced one of the most profound traumas of my life.

Without going into details, I was put into a financially horrific situation.

My child got hurt.

My partner and I separated homes and discussed consciously uncoupling.

And my vagina went WAY offline.

What’s more, I began feeling searing back pain; at one point I couldn’t get out of bed without weeping with agony.

That’s the day I decided to revisit my Superwoman School material in Module 7 – Turning Pain into Power. 

I leaned into the pain I was feeling in my heart and my body and began using some of the tools from Superwoman School to help me heal.

I meditated for 2.5 hours the first day and an hour each day since.

I leaned into the pain from my trauma, and I recalled a time when this happened five years ago, too.

I lost a baby in the second trimester… and my back and vagina where out of whack then, too.

Suddenly I began using the worksheets from Sara Gustafson in Superwoman School and my pain began to disappear.

What’s more, I could express my feelings to people around me and I was finally getting the HELP I needed.

Within 48 hours of me choosing to heal from my pain- I was working out with my son and smiling again for the first time in days.

For the first time in weeks, I began to see weight I was storing around my middle start to melt.

Did you know that trauma in our bodies can cause weight gain, among other illnesses, aches, and even diseases?

When SHTF…

  • It’s easy to blame our children.
  • It’s easy to blame a busy work schedule.
  • It’s easy to blame our partners.
  • But the job of healing and moving energy throughout are bodies depends on us.

Once we stand in our personal power, stop blaming outside forces, and take back our Womanhood, we can feel the love, pleasure, and confidence we deserve.

Learn about how you can take back your power and heal from heartache here.