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Four Jobs Most Moms Do… And NEVER Earn Money From!

Why are moms suffering… personally and financially?

Because we are categorically the most vulnerable people in society!
You see, when we become moms, we immediately trade in our 40 hour work week for a whopping 98 hour work week, according to a study published by WorkingMother(dot)com.
Some women choose to work, where they’re not entitled to mandatory maternity leave in our country.  In fact, among the world’s 41 richest nations, the U.S. is the ONLY country that offers NO mandatory maternity leave.
But the sorrow doesn’t end there.
What about stay-at-home moms?  They often find that they lose their purpose, identity, and meaning in life.
They also find that they become financially disenfranchised; often becoming indentured servants to the primary earner in their households, namably their husbands.
  • What is this doing to our self-confidence?
  • What is this doing to our marriages?
  • What is this doing to moms?
Short story, it’s crushing us.
When women aren’t bringing in their own money, they’re vulnerable to the decisions of the people on whom they’ve become dependent.  Yes, we lose financial stability.
But more importantly, we lose our self-worth.
Corporate fat cats are preying on these two things:
  1. Moms’ desire to build a sense of purpose and identity in life.
  2. Moms’ desire to erect financial stability in a broken system.
So what do they do?
Sadly, we’ve been doing all the WRONG things.
Here are four jobs that the “marketers” are trying to sell women on doing that aren’t bringing in the money they need to bring purpose, identity, and financial stability to their lives.

#1.  Blogging

How many women do you know who start a blog, hoping to be the next Wellness Mama or Food Babe?
Short answer: nearly all of them.
Look, I’m no stranger to seeing the shiny dollar signs when I started the Reclaim Motherhood movement back in 2014.
However, I’ve learned that blogging is a sticky situation.
I’ve learned in 17 years as an entrepreneur that times have (majorly) changed.  You see, 10 years ago before every kid under 10 had his own website, it was relatively easy to build a blog, get cheap traffic, and engage a following of potential buyers.
Today, however, without tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in capital to spend on advertising, it’s nearly impossible to amass an engaged following.

#2  Network Marketing/ MLM

I don’t want to get in trouble for this one but I’m gonna give it to you straight.
Currently, most mothers you know are selling something via network marketing, whether it’s beauty, skincare, or juice powders.
The problems are numerous, so I’ll just hit up a few.
First, you’re literally competing with every woman on your BLOCK for the same customers.
Network marketing has become so oversaturated that it’s hard to make any real money.
And sadly, women don’t.
“According to a report that studied the business models of 350 MLMs, published on the Federal Trade Commission’s website, 99% of people who join multilevel-marketing companies lose money.” (www.qz(dot)com)
First, you have to buy these products, then you have to store them, then you have to hock them on your friends, and then you have to fulfill them.  You should get paid a lot for that, right?  Wrong.  You’re sadly only going to make about 10% commission for all that work.
Now you can see why 99% of people who join MLM’s LOSE money.

#3.  Affiliate Marketing

I’m all for affiliate marketing.
Affiliate marketing is when you sell people another person’s product and make money.  It’s like the Instagrammer you know in your moms group who brings in $8k a month on a juice powder she promotes to her following.
The problem?
You need a following.
Without an email list or following on social media, you aren’t going to make money to be an affiliate of a company’s product.
For moms who want to make money now, you need to avoid strategies that take all your time and money without an ROI!

#4.  Yoga/Fitness Instructor

I coach a lot of fitness instructors and yoga studios.  However, I tell my fitness professionals the same thing every time: you aren’t going to make money as a fitness coach unless you’re also a MARKETER.
You see, for every yoga class or pilates course you instruct, you have to fill your room to even get a fraction of what you’d make by providing one-on-one coaching.
And the problem?  You’ve had to sell twenty people to attend your class, as opposed to just one private lesson.
It may seem easy to walk into a yoga studio and offer to teach five classes a week.
But just like MLM, most of the profit goes back to the house.
If you really want to make money as a health professional, provide a clear outcome for your students.
Become the diabetes expert or the back pain expert.  Become a weight loss expert or peak performance coach.
It’s easy to fill a few classes for a yoga studio or local gym’s schedule, but unless you’re teaching several packed classes per day, you’re probably not making a fraction of what you’d make by branding yourself well and giving one-on-one instruction.
At the end of the day, women are lining the pockets of corporations, not their families.
We’re losing our identities while trying to fulfill the most important job on earth.
If you really want to break free of this vicious cycle and start finding freedom in your life’s purpose and mission, you need a real coach who’s gonna give it to you straight.
Here at Moms Wear Capes, we hired more than 30 such coaches and filmed them sharing their best secrets for something we call Superwoman School.
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And together, let’s take back motherhood.