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Make Motherhood
Work For You…

  • Love Yourself & Your Body.

  • Start a Profitable At-Home Business.

  • Come Alive In Your Identity As A Confident Superwoman.

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What if you could transform into the most peaceful, confident, and financially successful version of yourself with a practice that requires only 15 minutes a day?

I did it… but I didn’t start out this way…

In fact, I almost got arrested TWICE before my son turned 6 months old…

Hi, I’m Stephanie, founder of Moms Wear Capes.

You always hear women say, “oh I had these big dreams… But then I got pregnant.” Well, that was me, too. And I never thought it would be…

When I became a mom I felt as isolated and exhausted as I’ve ever been. What’s more, it felt like all my dreams had flown out the window, never to return.

I wasn’t just tired… I’d become codependent, depressed, moody and irritable. The reason the cops were called on me (twice) is because I lost my temper and nearly had a meltdown – at my doctor’s office, no less!

More than anything in the world as a new mom I wanted a community. I wanted to sink my teeth into a mission and an identity beyond nap times and diaper changes.

But I didn’t want to join some network marketing scheme selling beauty products or essential oils and giving 90% of my commissions to some corporate fat cat.

The worst part of my new Motherhood journey was that when I finally did make “mom friends”, they were all trying to sell me some miracle product with sleazy advertisements and videos.

And the worst part? I knew they weren’t making good money to promote their snake oils… almost NONE of them do! [1]. It was devastating.

When my son was about two years old my divorce drove me across the country to start a new life as a single mom. I found myself in Austin, Texas; land of the female entrepreneur and startup capital of the country [2].

To put it lightly, I was floored with what MOMS were doing to make six-figure incomes working on flexible schedules from home… even with toddlers.

In Austin, I met some of the most personally fulfilled, professionally lucrative, and self-expressed Moms I’d ever met.

Finally, it appeared as though there was a place where moms were uniting to become more successful, together.

I was floored with what MOMS were doing to make six-figure incomes working on flexible schedules from home… even with toddlers!

For instance,

  • One mom took her passion for numbers and finance to grow a plumbing company from $400 to over $400,000 in revenue in just 14 months. Her son is only three years old.

  • Another mommy turned her“side hustle” of into a half-million dollar a year business that’s recently gone nationwide. She’s the breadwinner in her family… An accomplished business woman… A brilliant boss with dozens of contractors… And a mother of a two year old.

  • One mommy took her passion for skincare to market when she developed beauty products that are already in two million homes… in just two years! Her son is still under three years old.

  • Another mommy turned her lifestyle into a movement that has become the largest Paleo conference in the world.

  • One woman turned a passion for music into a record label, nationwide distribution of songs she’s written, music videos, and television appearances. What’s more, her program for helping children develop self-esteem is now used across the entire state of Texas, and they’re poised to go nationwide. She’s a mom of two young girls.

  • Still another mom started a business using her gift of storytelling to create a six-figure writing business in only seven months. She’s so well-respected now that Ariana Huffington personally responds to her emails! Her child is under two years old.

  • A love of coffee drove one mom to start a coffee company earlier this year that’s already grossing over $10k a month. She has three young children and one is under two years old.

  • Another mommy is taking the personal development world by storm, gearing up to travel nationwide speaking about love and relationships. She’s been raking in four-figures for each five-week coaching session in her mommy personal development group and has two children under age 7.

There are many more stories just like this in the Moms Wear Capes program but what you’ll notice is that each one of these stories is VERY unique.So how could I get in on THAT?

These women were truly living the dream that every mom has: to be an amazing mom while still contributing to something bigger than themselves…

… And making good money to do it! [3]

Using my contacts from many years in publishing, I began collecting these “superwomen” and filming them on camera sharing their secrets to success. THIRTY women showed up to share their secrets with me.

What we developed is called Moms Wear Capes.

It’s a private vault of training that will help mothers shape the future of their families, and the world at-large.

Moms Wear Capes is the most authoritative Mommy Development Program program around.

What These Women Shared Didn’t
Just Transform My Heart: It Saved My Life

  • I began noticing signs and signals all over my life; it was like suddenly the entire world was conspiring to make me MORE successful in life, love, and business.

  • My relationships began to transform, I was free of guilt from my divorce and busy manifesting the most loving men and women into my life to form a tribe around me and my son.

  • I was even starting to heal childhood wounds that had caused me to sabotage relationships, jobs, and even engage in self-destructive behavior for as long as I could remember.

  • I finally found women who had cracked the code to making money and building their dream businesses in a “man’s world”.

  • The feeling of dread I had woken up with in the morning lifted; suddenly I saw more hope and joy than I’d ever experienced and I began to CREATE the life I dreamed of.


Moms Wear Capes is A
Private Vault of Every Secret Code
I’ve Downloaded From
30 Financially-Prosperous &
Personally-Fulfilled Women.

Vault includes:

  • Over 56 Videos with Successful Mom Experts

  • 10 Unique Modules over 10 weeks of training

  • Three FREE Bonus Books to help you launch your journey

  • The Superwoman Blueprint Diary: 50 Challenges to document 
    your unique Blueprint in eBook format –
    and all can be done in less than 15 minutes per day!


Our Experts Have Been Featured In:


And More…


Here’s what other Superwomen are saying…



I have actually been thinking of starting my own company this year; these videos were like the Universe encouraging me to do this. It was honestly some of the best content I have ever seen.”

Kejsi, Chicago, IL



Wow, I am so happy that Moms Wear Capes exists! It’s all the inspiration and information I was looking for, being a mom to two littles and just a women in general! Wonderful and helpful info that I can use on the daily.”

Jenna, Basalt, CO



Wow wow WOW! I’m hooked. I feel like so many of us moms get caught up in the day-to-day stuff and often forget to stop and genuinely think about what we are so thankful for. The Moms Wear Capes program will help me to be more present with my kids.”

Lauren, Woody Creek, CO



Stephanie is smart, eloquent, gorgeous, fashionable and the women she is bringing on have so much to give. Love it all. Am so completely impressed. MomsWearCapes is tapping into something so large where there is such a need. You go girl!

Jillian, Aspen CO


Freaking AWESOME!

I have actually been thinking of starting my own company this year; these videos were like the Universe encouraging me to do this. It was honestly some of the best content I have ever seen.”

Hema Reddy, Austin, TX



I consider myself very lucky to be where I am and be able to be apart of Moms Wear Capes. The Moms Wear Capes makes it very easy to approach and succeed in new projects and ideas. I’ve been a mom entrepreneur since 2009, and have no doubt this will help me grow and learn in areas and ways I never expected. <3

-Ana, Costa Rica



Moms Wear Capes came into my life when I was needing it the most. Starting out and trying to find where you can apply your passion is stressful and intimidating, but here is Stephanie and Moms Wear Capes and it’s the support you have only ever dreamed of. Stephanie is one of the most sincere and full of life women I have ever met. She’s passionate and you can’t help but get fired up about your own goals when you hear her speak.

Jacqueline Ruppert, Austin, TX


Here’s a sneak peak of just
some of what you’ll learn with



Identifying Your Superhero

  • The secret to a happy life… (it’s not what you think)

  • Discover what is your biggest key to confidence… and remove confidence barriers for good

  • This five-minute meditation will reveal the Superwoman within you

  • How to scientifically weed out the jobs you’ll hate and create a job you’ll love

  • The #1 secret to becoming a woman your child adores.

  • How to be more authentic and attract people who “get” you

  • Find the greatest talent within you and make real money doing it, even if you never went to college

  • Ways you can hone in your intuition by precisely rejecting these common myths about right and wrong…




  • Learn to express your heart’s deepest needs and desires in intimacy.

  • How to never be the doormat in a relationship ever again.

  • How to rewrite your bad relationship patterns for easy communication

  • Inspire your partner to WANT to change and meet your needs…

  • Avoid unnecessary breakups with a tool that causes your partner want to walk over hot coals for you

  • The three words that will instantly remove the shame from your divorce

  • Single mom dating tricks that attract the highest quality men WITHOUT dating apps.

  • How to create a network of men who are dying to date the real you

  • Emerging from sexual comas into sexual aliveness

  • Why married sex sucks, and how to make it hot again

  • Why men slut-shame, and how you can rise above negative people in your life





  • This mom got her passion project into 2 million homes in 18 months

  • How one mom learned to print money in her business with these mindset tweaks

  • How to create a job you want to bring home because it represents YOUR PASSION

  • One ingredient you can infuse into your business that will make people to clamor for it

  • How building a kindness-based mission can make millions…

  • A way you never thought of to monetize skills you already have

  • Charge the big bucks to do something you’re already doing at home.

  • Tap into the future Enlightenment even without spare time to attend seminars.

  • One woman shows how she created a business based off of that feeling you get when you take your first sip of coffee in the mornin

  • How to turn painful pasts into the most profitable businesses

  • Launching a passion-fueled startup in just 3 months.

  • A six-step formula from a woman who created a six-figure at-home business in only 7 months.





  • Learn to express your heart’s deepest needs and desires in intimacy.

  • How to never be the doormat in a relationship ever again.

  • How to rewrite your bad relationship patterns for easy communication

  • Inspire your partner to WANT to change and meet your needs…

  • Avoid unnecessary breakups with a tool that causes your partner want to walk over hot coals for you

  • The three words that will instantly remove the shame from your divorce

  • Single mom dating tricks that attract the highest quality men WITHOUT dating apps.

  • How to create a network of men who are dying to date the real you

  • Emerging from sexual comas into sexual aliveness

  • Why married sex sucks, and how to make it hot again

  • Why men slut-shame, and how you can rise above negative people in your life





  • How to fire your boss and move from employee to business owner almost overnight

  • Get incredible PR tips from a woman who has spent years in a newsroom deciding what stories are worth covering

  • One woman’s blueprint to get FREE jaw-dropping branding for your small business

  • How to make your company stand out from every other business.

  • How one woman turned $400 into a half a million dollar business in just 14 months

  • A blueprint to creating a roaring infrastructure engine from scratch in your business

  • A formula for hiring employees that will attract trustworthy people who love to work for you

  • This mom networked her side hustle into a multiple 6-figure a year business

  • Should you work with friends or family? One entrepreneur has some shocking advice that will change your life and business.

  • A 17-year veteran entrepreneur and Top 75 Badass of Twitter tells us how to get seen in your industry

  • How one woman built her dream fashion company and even landed a feature in Inc. Magazine in less than 8 months

  • The only 4 words you need to know to create a buzz about your business

  • A woman who got Ariana Huffington to respond to her emails personally tells us the secret to making big money writing for a living





  • How to RID your sex life of shyness or shame.

  • How to move past pent up shame or grief that can damage to our internal organs

  • The one phrase that transformed this mother’s pain after her own daughter passed away suddenly

  • Why people scientifically turn into sociopaths after a breakup… and how to avoid it

  • A no-bullshit way this woman found to heal a broken heart in just 30 days

  • Get unstuck from feeling like a “victim” in relationships and call in your man’s desire to love you the way you desire.

  • Find out exactly where the tension in your relationship comes from, and how to instantly stop living in the pain of a broken relationship

  • How to move through grief and suffering through simple, science-based energy assessments





  • Find out what you must do to become the most confident person you know

  • Stop losing your s#!& with this simple meditation that takes just ten seconds.

  • A mindset trick to erase depression from your mind

  • Taking the stress out of temper tantrums and learning to be peaceful in spite of them

  • The ultimate guide to “neuroplasticity”: rewire negative thought patterns for good

  • Creating easy self-care rituals for a great night’s sleep once and for all

  • Mom-Tantrums! How to throw them, and why they’re (REALLY) good for you

  • Break up with Mom Guilt for good

  • Why your “self(ish) care” nourishes your whole family





  • How a 15-minute a day exercise gave one woman the body of her dreams (and millions of views on YouTube!)

  • An easy exercise that’s helped millions of women break free from depression, anxiety, and bad habits

  • FUN fat-burning exercises you can do anywhere with no equipment

  • A food trick that helps you eat 20% less calories per meal with while still feeling full

  • Mom-wardrobe tweaks to feel more beautiful, comfortable, and drive your partner wild

  • The #1 reason for body dissatisfaction (it’s the opposite of what everybody’s told you)

  • A sure-fire way to convince your brain to love healthy foods MORE than “cheat” foods…

  • Pregnancy and post-partum workout revelations: what can you do for the sexiest body (with the least amount of effort)

  • This “miracle serum” erases fine lines and wrinkles, restores your skin, and has clinically proven results the same as fillers… in just 15 days and at a fraction of the cost!

  • Healing hormonal problems while reversing age in your skin





  • How to develop a tribe that reflects your deepest passions and calling

  • Where to meet cool moms WITHOUT attending lame mom groups

  • How to be vulnerable in a way that attracts amazing women to your life

  • Learn how to build friendships that reflect your deepest values to your children

  • How to develop the girl gang who’d stand beside you through anything

  • How one mom turned her desire for girlfriends into one of the nation’s largest mom communities





  • How to keep sacred routines while traveling for fitness, fun, and less tantrums

  • Tips to have amazing adventures while traveling with the whole family

  • Tricks to save money so that you can afford the vacation of your dreams

  • What to AVOID doing while traveling with your child to make your trip memorable


So what finally happened to
“Crazy Jailbait Mom”?
(Me, that is…)


Well, I can tell you that my life is
pretty ridiculously great.

  • My business is freaking awesome and I built it in less than four months

  • My body feels stronger than ever and my energy levels are higher every day; making those inevitable toddler tantrums WAY easier to deal with!

  • Best of all, my son is the happiest baby I’ve ever seen. Okay, okay. I’ll stop calling him a baby. My son is the happiest “toddler” on the planet. His mama is now more calm, cool, collected, well-nourished in her body and spirit; and my joy permeates my son’s life, too. He feels my sense of purpose, passion, and identity which gives him more confidence, too.

  • Best of all, the Moms Wear Capes program has shown me that being a mom can make you the BEST possible version of yourself… when you choose it.

I’ll tell you a little secret…


How Big You Can Show Up For Yourself Is How Big
You Can Show Up For Your Son or Daughter

Pardon my French but: f*%k SuperMom.

There’s something so much bigger in life than a clean house and a Pinterest-worthy flourless chocolate cake recipe.

Your son or daughter deserves a SuperWOMAN.

Unleash her NOW with Moms Wear Capes.

Use my training in just 15 minutes a day with installments we’ve carefully and lovingly crafted just for YOU in our secret vault with over 50 incredible expert videos!


Introductory Offer!*


Frequently Asked Questions:

Everybody will have different takeaways depending on their life situations and businesses, and no two experiences will be the same.  However, here’s what I *personally* experienced right away in the first few weeks…

  • More profitable business: Moms Wear Capes experts gave me the confidence and language to know how to charge what I’m WORTH and find MORE clients for my businesses.
  • “Mom guilt” disappeared; suddenly I didn’t just take care of myself, but I felt joy and entitlement to self-care
  • Presence: I feel more present and mindful of the people and activities around me.
  • My son became more confident because I was able to be more present with him and more compassionate to my own needs.  When mama is nourished, she has more love to nourish her baby.
  • Compulsion to journal, intense feelings and Ah-HA! moments constantly
  • Knowledge of tweaks I could make in my business to be more successful/profitable
  • Better relationships with my employees, more confidence to direct, and manage people who depended on me.
  • Larger vision in my company – getting out of the weeds and taking a better view from 30,000 feet to make higher level decisions
  • Stepping “outside” my mind, ability to observe situations and respond versus “reacting” to stressors in life, making everybody more calm and peaceful around me
  • Ability to express my needs to people, especially men, more than ever before and knowing I’m worth my desires
  • Sexual awakening and freedom, confidence in the sheets
  • Generally feeling “smarter” and more wise.  People suddenly began asking me if I’m a life coach for a living!
  • Intense feelings of love and compassion for others, feeling more connected to the world around me
  • Meditation: this program really gave me a grasp on how important it is
  • Money Manifestation: I began setting higher goals in my business and co-creating success with the universe that was truly beyond what I ever thought I could earn.  My son and I began eating a LOT more sushi and the abundance made me feel joy because I was helping more people the more money I made
  • Confidence in my decisions and love for the woman who brought me here, absence of “judgement” for my previous decisions

Yes, the Moms Wear Capes members area is compatible on all smartphone and tablet devices..

We have designed the program so that all Moms Wear Capes materials are divided into short, easy-to-consume lessons between around 15 minutes per day.  Over the course of 10 weeks, participants may view their training at leisure via MP3, eBook transcription, or video format.  All training is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, PC, and eReader devices.

If you purchase the annual membership, you will only be charged once for this program and you may keep the Moms Wear Capes vault forever.  Monthly memberships will be charged $19 for one year, after which time all content will be forever yours to view at your convenience.  Return to it in a year or a decade, it’s yours to keep.

Annual members have access to the Moms Wear Capes vault for LIFE.  It never expires.  Monthly members will have LIFETIME access after 12 payments but unlimited access to the vault starting day ONE of monthly membership.

No strings attached 30-day refund policy.  Simply email us and we’ll take care of your refund right away or help you make use of the training so that you’re 100% happy.

You may download your training to your phone or tablet using our iOS and Android apps.  Once you complete your download, no internet connection is needed!  Learn how to download for offline access here.

We can’t wait to hang out with you!  Direct any questions to and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Absolutely.  If you own your own business, you will find the mindset tweaks to help you manifest new levels of success in your business.  What’s more, the majority of Moms Wear Capes training has to do with rewiring your brain and creating new blueprints to success.  With MomsWearCapes, you’ll hone in productivity tools, hiring skills, and communication mastery for your current business.

We originally sold this course for $997 annually and found that it wasn’t accessible to the average mom.  To be frank, this is high-level, sophisticated training at Walmart prices.  You’d be crazy not to make the investment in your mind and spirit.  That’s just our opinion, though.

Most days, neither do we.  That’s why we’ve made the video training also available on MP3 and Kindle/eBook format via transcripts.  Turn on the audio while you’re washing dishes or while your husband is rubbing your feet.  You’ll be getting a LOT more foot rubs when you learn about the relationship-strengthening tools in this program.  You may even find that with the Moms Wear Capes “time-bending” tools, you’ll find a lot more hours in your day to do things that nourish mama.  

Awesome!  Keep him or her.  I had a life coach for years but NEVER had the breakthroughs I’ve achieved with the Moms Wear Capes program.  Why have only one coach when now you have THIRTY coaches in almost every conceivable problem area for moms who want to find their dream job?  These 30 genius experts will help you look at your life and business from dozens of angles so that you can be more successful more quickly.  


Introductory Offer!*



Look, every mom deserves to wake up feeling refreshed, effortlessly hop into your smallest pair of jeans or bikini, all while your business is steadily depositing passive income into your bank account. If you want all this in 90 days or less, we can’t help you. But if you are ready to unleash the power of your mind to create a new reality for your life, body, and motherhood journey, we believe we are the right fit for you. Only hard work, perseverance, and work that truly serves others with integrity will bring you the life of your dreams. Moms Wear Capes is here to inspire you to create that dream life for yourself. We cannot guarantee any results in your love life, body, or business. Nothing on this page or any of our websites is a promise or guarantee of results or future earnings, and we do not offer any legal, medical, tax or other professional advice. Any financial numbers referenced here, or on any of our sites, are simply estimates or projections, and should not be considered exact, actual or as a promise of potential earnings—all numbers are illustrative only.