3 Things I Learned From My $10k Business Coach

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I recently hired a business coach with the hair-raising price tag of $10,000 for 10 sessions.

Each session was a 1-hour remote call with this coach from abroad; he lives in Israel and we spoke on Skype.

Although the money was a stretch, the coach had worked with several of my business and marketing peers and idols, so I felt confident that if these powerhouses trusted him with their money, I could too.

I took a deep breath and sent the money via Paypal (receipt below), not knowing if it was the most impulsive purchase of my life or the worst.

As it turns out, the coaching had almost nothing to do with business.

My $10,000 Bill To My Business Coach!


Rather, my coach focused on my heart.

We spent nine weeks discussing rational versus emotional love and assessing my emotions and moods.

We discussed confidence and mapped out my days based off how I felt hour by hour.

I know that a lot of you mamas don’t perceive that you can afford a $10,000 coach today.

That’s why I have distilled three of the two hundred valuable lessons I learned in my coaching for you in this article.


1.  Stop Thinking About What “Job” You’re Going To Do…


My high-level business coach spend a significant amount of time assessing what I love to do in my free time.

Honestly, it seemed like a waste of time to me.

I’d been in a thousand job roles: real estate investor, landlord, financial advisor, marketer, ghostwriter, barista, and even door-to-door vacuum saleswoman with Electrolux!

But I was always “working” and never “living” my passion with abandon.


What did I really LOVE to do?

At this time in my life, I was taking a sabbatical from all work to find my life’s purpose.

I began to take note of every moment in my life when I felt truly happy.

  • Doing sit-ups on the boat dock at my house, which was on Lake Austin at the time.
  • Reading a book in my big comfy lounge chairs in the setting sun.
  • Watching sunrises while having deep conversations with friends on said lounges at 6 a.m.
  • Hiring new inspiring people for a company I was contracted with for operations and HR.
  • Zipping around the Texas Hill Country in my Convertible Mini Cooper with white leather interior while listening to books on tape.
  • Journaling and doodling for hours on end while I breathed deeply.
  • Praying to God for guidance and peace in my new Texas life; my move was totally impulsive and I felt very alone except for God’s presence.

My coach took these happy moments and we began phase two of my coaching…


2.  We Visualized My Perfect Life…


My coach and I took these happy moments and began visualizing my perfect life.

I’d gotten pretty passionate about meditation a year or two prior and I was hinging my sanity upon meditation.

I used it to slowly drag myself out of a life-threatening eating disorder that left me stroking on my living room floor at age 23 in Evanston Illinois.

I used it to feel love when the world around me felt dark, materialistic, and shallow.

I used meditation to deeply absorb lessons I learned in business and personal development books I was reading at the time.

Well, if you haven’t already guessed, my passion involves deep thinking, deep conversations, and books.

My dream life, we discovered, was sitting in a sunny room overlooking a beautiful view and writing books.


Once I allowed myself to admit that that was my dream, it was the only vision I’ve ever had for myself since.

In fact, Moms Wear Capes was like composing one enormous book for mothers around the world: it’s every single brilliant piece of wisdom and advice I’ve learned over 13 years of entrepreneurship and personal development.

Next, my coach had me meditate on the vision of myself sitting in a chair.  I envisioned a white furry cushion, a beautiful view overlooking a mountain, and dozens of books piling up beside me.

Today, I’m sitting in my living room, 6 years later, on a white furry pillow in Aspen Colorado, writing my next book with the love of my life.

You can say that visualization is powerful!

But we took it a step further: my coach then had me go to Fiverr.com and get a book cover done for a book I hadn’t even started.

We bought a domain at GoDaddy.com for the Title “Purposeful Meditation” and I began using my book cover and domain name in my visualizations of becoming a writer.

Since my $10,000 business coach, I’ve written four books in my name and TEN books as a ghostwriter.


  • How do you visualize your deepest life’s purpose?
  • Do you know what your dream life looks like?
  • Do you spend time seeing yourself in that dream life?
  • What does it smell, taste, feel, sound like?
  • What are you wearing?
  • What music is playing and who is in the room (or not?)
  • Do you have long hair, short hair, tattoos, fake boobs, whatever?
  • Do you have children?  A boyfriend?  A girlfriend?
  • How much money is in your bank account?
  • Do you live in a house, a condo, a city, or the mountains?
  • Do you have a yacht?  A Mercedes?  Or a Porsche?  (like me!)
  • We Spoke My Dream Life Into Existence


In the Bible, the prophets used to speak blessings or curses over their loved ones.

If you speak a blessing, you are manifesting a loving touch upon somebody’s life; and if you speak a curse, the power of death is in your tongue.

In Don Miguel Ruiz’ The Four Agreements, he recalls a story of somebody saying, “you look like you have cancer because your face is pale” and causing some body to believe and eventually die of cancer from a mere spoken word.

He says that Being Impeccable with Your Word is the most important of the Four Agreements, a guide to life that has become my religion.


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Have you ever felt the urge to say you’re “doing” something out loud, even though you haven’t started?

Sometimes I tell people about a new book I’m writing or company I’m building before I’ve taken the “first step”.

That word, spoken with conviction, compels me to be impeccable with my word.

I buy business cards for a new company idea.  I buy domain names.  I begin creating content and taking pictures.

Your spoken word holds you accountable to what you want in life.

But remember, your word has the power of life and death.

You can become a liar when you don’t follow through with your word.

What’s more, you make yourself vulnerable to criticism and negativity from people who don’t respond in love to your dreams.

How can you overcome the heartache of dealing with somebody who doesn’t believe in you?

How can you stand firm with your dreams, even if everybody things you’re crazy for dreaming them?

Watch these video to see how you can speak your dream life into existence with the power of Feminine Manifestation, Spoken Word, and Choosing Yourself.


How Judy Tsuei wrote her book in 30 days when she decided to voice her desire to be the primary breadwinner in her family…


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If you are even remotely interested in getting life and love coaching for your mind and business, email us at Support@MomsWearCapes.com so we can help you find the coach to help you spring into the life and love of your dreams.



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Stephanie Hirsch has run multiple businesses online varying from weight loss and fitness to finance and personal development. Her passion is to take her years of running companies online to help mothers free themselves from the demands of traditional jobs to prosper in flexible, at-home jobs that they love to do.

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