5 Questions To Help You Find Your Purpose In Life…

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5 Questions To Help You Find Your Life’s Purpose

If you’ve read about my postpartum journey or seen my story in Moms Wear Capes Academy, you know how passionately I feel about finding your life’s purpose.

Some children know what they love from a very young age.  Horses. Marine biology. Soccer or baseball. Those are great passions.

But are these hobbies or passions your life’s purpose?

The Difference Between Passion and Purpose

You can be passionate about your life’s purpose and feel passion for hobbies, people, or causes.

But your life’s purpose isn’t a hobby, job role, marital status, or family.

Your life’s purpose is something you can fulfill in any circumstance or situation.

It’s WHO you are.


It isn’t what you “should” or “shouldn’t” do with your life.  It may or may not generate income. (Although in Superwoman School, our goal is to make sure that you can make money doing what you love most in life.)

Here are 10 questions to help you hone in your deepest life’s purpose.  Your life’s purpose will make you happier than any job, romance, or amount of money.

That’s why we’ve created Superwoman School: to help mother’s hone in their deepest passions and make real money doing it at home.  Work-at-home opportunities for moms are so important because they help women fulfill their deepest passions while having the flexibility to be present with their children.

What could honestly be better?  Nothing. It’s a pretty perfect life.

My Purpose in life is to be an Inspirer.  I have a naturally ambassadorial spirit and I love to share love and light with everybody.  I don’t discriminate between my cleaning lady, a waiter at a restaurant, or my kid’s school teachers.  Any time I get the chance to shed light and help people think more critically, consciously, and lovingly about the world around them; I know I’m fulfilling my life’s purpose.

My best friend is a Connector.  She loves to connect people and groups together to help everybody benefit and win from the relationships she facilitates.

My sister is a Peace Mediator.  She’s the person everybody goes to when there’s conflict, strife or tension.  She can help people find a resolution or compromise in nearly every circumstance on the planet.  Even her divorce was incredibly peaceful; she and her husband filed, settled, and finalized their divorce within just weeks and without hiring separate attorneys.  She’s truly amazing at keeping peace even in otherwise stressful situations!

5 Questions To Help You Find Your Purpose In Life

1.  What Puts You in “Flow”?

Think about a time when you were performing a task that put you into “flow state”.  During this time, you lost track of hours on end; even forgetting to eat or go to the bathroom.

When you find the things that put you in this state, keep a list of them somewhere.  

You’ll find that there are hobbies on there. And that’s okay to get you started!

But as you train yourself to look for these life-giving moments, you’ll also find that there are instances of sharing coffee with a new friend, networking, helping somebody heal an illness or disease, consulting or coaching a client on a subject you know and love, or any number of things that you love to do and can do anywhere.

As you find the thing that puts you in “flow state” no matter where you are (and what “job” pays your bills at this time), you’re closer to finding your life’s purpose.

Read More:  “Flow” by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert

2.  What Makes You FEEL Happy?

One misconception about your purpose is that you have to feel like a martyr to do it well.  Not so!

Your purpose isn’t going to suck life from you; it’s going to be life-giving.

What’s more, your purpose will benefit and spread joy to everyone around you.

When something makes you feel happy; pay close attention to what you’re doing.

Our feelings are a gift from the Universe that show us how to charter the best life and co-create the life you were put on earth to live.

Read:  “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin

3.  Do You Know Your “Zone of Genius”?

You’ll hear a lot of people talk about the “zone of genius”, a term coined by Gay Hendricks.

This is the thing that you do better than almost anybody else you know.

Sadly, traditional education tries to make our C’s turn into A’s and only gives us 5% of the day to work on the things we’re really good at.What if you did what you’re REALLY good at all day?

This would be the easiest way to make money from home at your work-at-home job or even how to be the best wife, daughter, sister, friend or parent.When you’re in your zone of genius, you do what makes you happiest, so that happiness will seep into others’ lives.

Some people go their whole lives without finding their zone of genius – the thing that comes naturally, easily, and makes them happiest and most efficient.

But when you find it: Look out world!

Stay in your zone of genius and watch your happiness and bank accounts flourish, I guarantee it.

Read:  The Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer


4.  Are You Living For Other People’s Expectations?

When we say that we should or shouldn’t do something; we’re intrinsically giving into fear.

In my book, fear is the opposite of love.  Fear is lack of courage, lack of faith, and lack of love.

What’s more, putting others before yourself is Codependent behavior; leading to burnout on your part and the total snuffing out of your own needs and desires.

When you’re trying to do what you’ve been domesticated to do or what everybody expects of you, you aren’t living from divine inspiration, creativity, individuality; and you ultimately can’t experience fullness of joy.

When you’re free to live the life you WANT to live as opposed to doing what you think you SHOULD do, you’re in touch with your deepest essence.

Your pure essence is the meaning of life.  

Living in your deepest truth and power will create the biggest impact on your family in the world around you.

Once you can let everybody’s expectations of you go, you’re closer to the meaning of your own life.

Read:  The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

5.  Are You Able To Serve Others?

While I certainly do NOT advocate living for others’ or with mind for other people’s expectations of you, you’ll find that true happiness in your purpose comes from how you can connect with and contribute to others.

Author for Conscious Lifestyle Magazine Nick Seneca Jenkel recalls a survey done of 200,000 adults across 136 nations.  

In the study, it was found that unequivocally, people who gave to others were the happiest; whether they were rich… or poor.

Money, alas, doesn’t buy happiness.  But contributing to and connecting with others, as it appears, does.

When you find the purpose in life that nourishes the most important person in your life: YOU, as well as those you touch; you’ve truly won the game of life.

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