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I get really excited for full moons.

Across every nation there are fables, traditions, and rituals around full moons.

Globally, we all seem to recognize the powerful force of the full moon; it drudges up both negative and positive energies!

I love to have a little Full Moon ritual in my home every month.

It starts with reviewing the free muse meditation I’ve already posted here.

In this meditation we review:

  • What will make you happier than anything else?
  • What will have you leaping out of bed every morning and too excited to sleep at night.  It’s possible.  It’s my life!

Anybody who knows me sees that my energy is infectious; and so is my joy.

I want to share that joy with you today as you mindfully meditation on your muse… in a full moon!

So here’s how you’ll get started:

1.  Meditate

Review Module 1 of Superwoman School where Rashanna Moss and Shannon Pike discuss your Muse.

On a piece of paper, recognize what you have created this month, this year, or even this lifetime.

Have grace for her. 

It is on her strong back that you got here.

During the New Moon, you can REWRITE those stories and set new intentions.

But during the full moon, just look in the mirror at yourself, so to speak.

Consider what is working and what isn’t working in your life and know that you have the power to rewrite those circumstances.

During the new moon, you can take the wisdom from this highly enlightening full moon time and set intentions for new habits you want to create.

But during your full moon meditation, simply ground down and be present with your feelings.

Show yourself grace.

Do a little stretching and open your heart.

See your beautiful qualities and then open yourself up to receiving wisdom from the Universe over the next couple weeks through signs and synchronicity that will illuminate next steps in your life.

2.  Reflect

The full moon is going to be a time to reflect on the present.

The life you have now is a result of what you have chosen thus far.

Your life is a direct result of your thoughts; your conscious and subconscious manifestations.

In Moms Wear Capes Academy, we learn a LOT about how to consciously rewire your brain with the exact thoughts you want to think; and those thoughts will manifest in your dream life.

The full moon tends to bring to “light” ALL the energy in our lives; the light and the dark.

Lean into the dark and have grace for yourself; for this bears repeating 😉

3.  Cleanse

I like to smudge my home with sage (and with the windows open!) and leave my crystals and malas outside during the full moon.

I sing a little mantra that is a combination of a Christian Hymn (Holy Spirit rain down, rain down.  Let your power fall, let your voice be heard.  Come and change our hearts as we stand on your word.  Holy Spirit rain down…) as well as a simple mantra that goes, “Everything that doesn’t belong to me must go.  Everything that doesn’t bring me light must leave.  Everything that doesn’t bring peace must leave.  This is a house of love.”

The Full Moon isn’t the best time for setting intentions, but it’s a beautiful time to assess what’s working and not working in your life.

If you feel negativity or anxiety around something, now is a great time to cleanse those things from your life.  You may incorporate these into your smudging ritual.

4. Ground Down

Full moon energy is typically really high so I like to find a hot spring here in Colorado to sit and soak or take an epsom salt bath to counterbalance the electricity and help me to remain in alliance with the Universe.

That involves stopping, resting, and listening.

During Full Moon energy, people tend to overreact to things and make rash decisions.

That’s why I love to take this time to get extra self-care and rest so that I am prepared to respond, not react to people and situations in my life.  Another great “Ground Down” meditation is to embrace the high energy and DANCE.  I use a Spotify Playlist called “Ground Down” that helps me bathe in the full moonlight in all of my feminine glory.  My son and I love to dance to it!  Here it is: Ground DOWN 

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2019-03-23T19:14:31+00:00By |Purpose|0 Comments

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