8 Videos To Help You Identify Your Life’s Purpose

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When I became a mom, I was desperately lonely for an inspiring tribe.

During that time, every mom I met said the same thing.

  • “I feel like I’ve lost my purpose in life.
  • I feel like my days have no meaning.
  • I’ve lost myself in motherhood.
  • I miss the woman who used to ______”
  • I miss the dream I had of doing ________”
  • I used to think I’d be ______________”
  • I want to make money, but I don’t want to do something that’s completely soul-sucking.”


A lot of these laments were the basis for Moms Wear Capes.


I listened to mothers and watched them invest their last pennies on MLM programs that didn’t move the needle financially nor psychologically.


They were selling skincare, hair care, health care, pet care, and every other type of care that didn’t do the one thing they needed: Self Care.

You see, when you’re aligned with your deepest purpose, you can fulfill that purpose anywhere you are.


While your toddler is tantruming, while at your job, while being a wife or daughter, or even while watching television.


Your purpose is abstract – it isn’t a job, role, or “what you do”.


If you don’t feel like you’ve found your purpose


There are a few things we’ve outlined in the Moms Wear Capes Academy to help you find your deepest passion, purpose, and identity.


To get a preview, start with these exercises.


#1 – Draw your Muse.  

In the first Module of the Moms Wear Capes program, we explain what a muse is and how you can connect with the woman you most want to be by starting with a meditation and then drawing the woman you dream of becoming.  This woman, your inner voice of inspiration, is your muse. Our Meditation and Muse experts Shannon and Rashanna teach you how you can connect with the wonder woman within in Moms Wear Capes Academy.  Watch a free video of this exercise here:

Learn about what your Muse is in this free video


#2 – Own your genius.

Own your flaws. And most importantly: own your dreams without fear.  Take personal responsibility for what isn’t working in your life by realizing that if something isn’t working, it’s because you’ve chosen that precise path for your life.  Our Confidence Expert Colette Davenport dives into how you can have more confidence around who you are when all the clothes, roles, and kids fade away in Module 1 Lesson 2 of Moms Wear Capes Academy.  Watch Colette explain more here:

Watch Colette explain the #1 Thing You Need To Be More Confident Here


#3 – Make A Love/Hate List

Find out what you love, and start really, really small.  You love to do the dishes. You hate doing laundry. You love making people laugh.  You hate public speaking. Our single mom CEO expert Corina Frankie talks about how you can find your deepest purpose by emulating people who embody the woman you want to embody, and by realizing what you certainly don’t want to do, even if you’re “good at it”, in Module 1 lesson 3 of Moms Wear Capes Academy.  Watch Corina explain her process here:

Find your superpowers with this free video

#4 – Try new things.  

Do something to get you out of the house with cool women; who may or may not be moms themselves; and discover what makes you really tick.  Maybe it’s a poetry slam. My Diving purpose is a Light Radiator: I channel light and love from the Universe through writing and speaking creatively, as well as through intense optimism and constant smiles and friendliness.  Our rockstar CEO and professional musician Andra Liemandt shows you how she found her purpose through storytelling in Module 1 Lesson 4 ofMoms Wear Capes Academy.  Grab a tissue and watch Andra’s story here:

Grab a tissue for this tear-fueled mom Inspiration story

#5 – Learn how to co-create with the universe

Learn how to co-create with the Universe by being fully expressed in all of your feminine nature; even the otherwise emotional parts.  You will find that your emotions are a channel through which the Universe reveals Divine truths. By giving your emotions and feelings space, you can create your reality through careful, graceful attention to what feels good, and what to avoid.  Our Harvard trained Manifestation Maven Emily Rose details this process in Module 1 Lesson 5 ofMoms Wear Capes Academy.  Be inspired by Emily’s tricks to harnessing the abundance of the universe here:

The Force is Within You! Find out how to harness it here

#6 – Recalibrate your Intuition.  

Sometimes when you aren’t taking time to care for yourself, your inner voice of intuition, inspiration, and imagination becomes stifled.  When you take the time to listen to your deepest intuition, you will find that you’re more productive, creative, and acute in less hours. CEO of a coffee company, founder of the 14,000 Austin Moms Network, and business coach Maruxa Murphy details how you can reconnect with your Intuition in Module 1 Lesson 6 of Moms Wear Capes Academy.  Watch Maruxa and I have an “ah-ha” moment on camera talking about recalibrating your intuition here:

Watch this ah-ha moment about recalibrating your intuition here

#7 – Do what makes you feel good.  

This could be a Paleo Diet, being kind to strangers, parenting mindfully and presently, or even writing a blog.  CEO of Paleo Fx and founder of Zero Gravity Soul Michelle Norris explains how a severe health crisis helped her listen to her body by becoming Paleo, and how she found true happiness even after losing a child in a car accident in Module 1 Lesson 7 of Moms Wear Capes Academy.  Be inspired by Michelle’s life purpose story here:



#8 – Give Gratitude

Gratitude is your way of putting yourself on the energy of RECEIVING with the Universe.   In this video, expert Allison Waddell explains how she finds the time to give gratitude every morning while incorporating her whole family in her gratitude practice. See how gratitude can open you up to more prosperity and abundance in your life with this clip from Module 1 Lesson 8 of Moms Wear Capes Academy.  

For more information about how you can become the most self-expressed, fulfilled, and happiest version of yourself, please visit us in Moms Wear Capes Academy.

Books to Read To Help Find Your Life’s Purpose:

  • Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
  • Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
  • Big Leap by Wayne Dyer
  • Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins
  • Life Visioning by Michael Beck
  • The Four Desires by Rod Stryker
  • Start with WHY by Simon Sinek
  • Manifest Now by Idil Ahmed
  • Switch On by Nick Jenkel
  • Vision Boarding by John Assaraf

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Stephanie Hirsch has run multiple businesses online varying from weight loss and fitness to finance and personal development. Her passion is to take her years of running companies online to help mothers free themselves from the demands of traditional jobs to prosper in flexible, at-home jobs that they love to do.

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