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6 Rules To Design The Perfect Logo

Watch the video above to find out how to design a PERFECT logo for your business.

Here’s a quick summary:

Step 1: Do tons of research on colors, fonts, and other logos you will benchmark.

Step 2: Go to Fiverr and hire 3-5+ designers to see how your ideas look and fine-tune your goals.

Step 3: Narrow down your Fiverr results and take advantage of as many edits as they’ll let you.

Step 4: Take your initial designs and run them past your TARGET MARKET

Step 5: Create a contest on 99 designs, taking into account all the feedback you received from Fiverr and your target market on your colors, fonts, design, feel, and composition.

Step 6: Create a poll using Facebook or PollDaddy for free. Send it out to your target market, your network, and anybody who will help give feedback! This requires major vulnerability but you will be happy to get as much feedback as possible before you finalize your logo with 99Designs.

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