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Creating The Life of Your Dreams with

The Power of Feminine Manifestation


It’s a multisyllabic word that gets thrown around a LOT in both woo-woo and scientific circles (these days…)

But what does it mean?

You’ve heard of Think And Grow Rich.

You may have even seen my email signature by James Allen:  “A Person Is Only Limited By The Thoughts That He Chooses”.

But how exactly do we “create” our dream lives… with just our thoughts?

How can we make our mind our “best friend”?

Emily Rose breaks it down into tiny, easy-to-digest pieces in today’s epic video.

Breaking Through The “Woo”…

This week at Moms Wear Capes we will focus on surrendering to our manifestation and transformation powers.  

Our theme is inspired by the transformative energy I bathed in this weekend while watching my lover train so many of his students to become teachers at his Yoga Studio in Carbondale, Colorado.

Manifestation and transformation involves reducing the time and money we spend on the things that are holding us back.  

Often, when we reduce effort and relax into stillness, ease, and receptivity; the Universe can “do it’s thing”.  We find that the less we do, the more the Universe has room to meet us in it’s limitless abundance.

I read a quote in the book Awakening Shakti by Sally Kempton this week that inspired me tremendously.

“In spiritual life it represents an initial awakening in which we actually experience what it is to meet the Beloved. For a moment, the Beloved seems to be present, to see us, to touch us with an intimate glance… Then the moment passes; and we are left in the sadness of separation – a separation made more painful by the fact that we had that glimpse….

We have encountered the Beloved, but now we need to make ourselves into the vessel that can hold the emerging vision, the vessel that can be the beloved of the Beloved.”

Let us join together this week in becoming the vessel that can be the beloved of the Beloved.

In order to make room for the Beloved, in order to be that vessel; we must first empty ourselves of ego.  Let us be mindful this week on how we can surrender attachments to material things and negativity in order to focus on allowing that which is to be.  

And in surrendering to what is, we remember who we truly are.

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And start living the life you and your family deserve.

Mothers are raising the future of our world.

And here at Moms Wear Capes, we’re raising moms.

With Love & Light,

Stephanie & The Moms Wear Capes Family


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