Getting Started Bundle

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Three incredible ebooks written by Stephanie, co-founder of Moms Wear Capes. 

Are you a mom?  Better yet, do you have children?

These ebooks were written specifically for moms who have a desire to earn money working from home. Stephanie goes into detail with how to identify your passion and how to transform that into profit.

  • How to Identify & Start Your Dream Business
  • Killer Confidence
  • 100 Free Tools To Start Your Dream Business




How to Identify & Start Your Dream Business
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Work at home doing what you love, when you want… As women and as mothers, we are usually caught between wanting to nurture and support everybody around us while also trying to be the self-expressed Superwomen we trained to become through school, higher education, our professional careers, and cultural influences. And the secret of becoming a Superwoman? You can have both. Remember: If you don’t build your dream, someone else will hire you to build theirs.

Killer Confidence
(Valued at $17.00)

Be the most self-expressed, successful, and sensual version of you. When you are more confident you create a better life for yourself. You don’t listen to the negative voices – they’re lies and you allow them to roll off your back. You don’t tell yourself NO – you manifest your dream life. You stop wondering if you can or should have something- you go forward and claim it because you know your worth and you know you deserve the best things out of life. Do you want to feel confident? Yes! We all do.

100 Free Tools To Start Your Dream Business
(Valued at $17.00)

Starting a business is a bit like having a toddler; you can’t escape it for a moment! Sometimes it smiles sweetly at you and fills you with hope; and other times it’s an insolent brat you want to run away from.

Moms Wear Capes has created this program to help busy men and women take the endless googling and clickbait traps out of finding REAL, FREE tools for your business.

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