Not Today, Satan…

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Today I woke up to a text from a babysitter canceling.

The last time I wanted to go to a networking event, my babysitter canceled.

The last time I wanted to have dinner with a girlfriend without kids… yep, another sitter canceled.

In my recollection, I’ve hired sitters 20 times this year and perhaps THREE times they didn’t cancel on me.

Here are a few things I did TODAY not to let a shitty morning ruin the rest of my day…

Turn Obstacle Into Opportunity

One of my favorite books is Ryan Holiday’s The Obstacle Is The Way.

This book is the bible for turning shit into sugar.

He bases a lot of the book off thoughts by Marcus Aurelius and other ancient Roman Stoic philosophers.

Since I read this book and began my journey of listening to one Stoic meditation almost every morning this year, I have taken my natural Superpower for Optimism and turned it into a serious FORCE.

When I choose not to feel anxiety about things…

When I choose to think clearly…

When I choose to take deep breaths instead of allowing stress to cloud my mind’s ability to unfuck myself…

Even the shittiest circumstances become my strength.

Trust There Is A Reason For Everything…

This morning when my babysitter canceled (par for the course), I immediately challenged myself to make something BETTER than working at home happen.

Here’s a raw look into my thought patterns:

“I can always bring him to an at-home daycare my friend runs…”

“It’s actually $20 cheaper than a sitter coming to me…”

“Maybe this woman wasn’t going to be healthy for him, or me, energetically.”

“God, I trust your Protection and Wisdom.”

“I can go to a coffee shop if I bring him to the at-home daycare…”

“Oooh… and have an excuse to get actually dressed today…”

“It’s good for me to try new sitters out…”

“I will meet people if I work at a coffee shop…”

“I I am determined to take a new client this morning…”

“And I will meet her at the coffee shop…”

And do you know what?

I wasn’t at the coffee shop for 30 minutes by the time I had a meeting with a new prospect looking to hire me for not one, but two big projects.

I manifested the frump outta today and turned my trial into triumph.  #likealadyboss


2019-03-24T06:00:14+00:00By |Conscious Parenting|0 Comments

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