Why Feeling Love is Our Birthright…

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Is Your Sex Life Stale?

I was totally shocked…

… when I admitted on camera in Superwoman School that marriage, for me, was sexual trauma.

Dr. Diane Kobrynowicz, a social psychologist and sex therapist who specializes in wellness and women’s issues for 30 years, spent some time with me on camera really digging into why I felt marriage was so sexually lifeless, and even traumatizing.

I totally embodied the quote by Tsa Tsa Gabor, who said, “Sex?  I know nothing about it. I’ve always been married.”

Here’s what did NOT happen in this video:

  • I did NOT play victim to my sexual coma
  • I did NOT criticize my former partner for not fulfilling my sexual needs
  • I did NOT blame my partner… and I finally stopped blaming myself.

Dr. Diane helped me understand how I had evolved into a new, self-expressed woman.

And I felt love for the woman who brought me to where I am now.

We are responsible for the love we receive in relationships.

And my heartbreak from my previous marriage only helped me leap into a new, communicative, fully-expressed sexuality that I had yearned for in silence all those years.

You could say that I didn’t just heal from my heartbreak, but I came back better than ever.


Does your marriage feel stale, draining, or even dead?

Do you want to meet a man who sees and adores the woman and mother you are?

Do you feel loved and appreciated?

Do you feel seen and heard by your partner?

Do you feel stifled in your sex life?

Do you feel like a maid or handyman rather than your partner’s lover?

Do you feel like your children deplete your sexual energy?

Are you having sex just for “duty”?


If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, I would like to provide a very simple mantra for you to repeat any time you’re not feeling loved or adored.

“Feeling Love is my birthright.”

When Dr. Diane explained her concept of “feed mama first”, my life was instantly transformed.

You see, when you aren’t feeling loved or nurtured emotionally, psychologically or sexually, you can’t be the best wife, mother, sister, daughter, or friend you’re designed to be.

If you haven’t filled your cup, you have nothing to spill over onto the people you love.

This isn’t because you’re selfish, though.

It’s because feeling love is your birthright.

Why We Should, and MUST Feel Loved…

We’re designed to love others and receive love from others.

You can tell when somebody is falling in love; they look lighter.  They walk differently. Their happiness is infectious.  You want to be around them.

Love is Divine.

One of the reasons love is scoffed at as “naive” or a phase is because it’s the closest many of us get from acting in our soul self versus our ego selves.

The Soul part of you is your true self, and the Ego you is your false self.

You are acting in your true self when you act with love, unity, understanding, gratefulness, tolerance, self-acceptance, and even grace for others.

Your ego self is hostile, resentful, angry, power-hungry, cold, intolerant, self-denying and constantly seeking approval from others.

Your Soul self is your Diving nature.

Don’t be put off by that… you don’t have to be religious to know the feeling of the Divine.

It’s that moment when your child looks up at you like you’re the most beautiful thing he or she has ever laid eyes on (because you are).

It’s that first time your child says, “I love you”.

It’s the euphoric feeling you get when getting to the vista on a grueling hike or riding your bike through fall leaves on a crisp afternoon.  You can’t put a name on the feeling, but it’s God.

Connecting with humans, with nature, and with your inner goddess is a way that you honor Creation.

The Universe was created with beauty and touching moments so that we can enjoy them.

Feeling fulfilled in our marriages, romances, and sex lives is as important as anything on the planet.

Sex and motherhood are inextricably interrelated, and not just because it takes sex to make a baby.

Sexual expression helps unlock the part of us we can’t expressed while working or being mothers.

Sexual expression helps unlock your sense of identity.

Feeling love is our birthright.

Learn about how I awakened from my own sexual coma in this free video with Dr. Diane below:



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