Why Women Need Alone Time…

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Did you ever notice that sometimes you really, REALLY love being ALONE?

You may be absolutely crazy about your lover, your family, or your friends.

But as much as you love them, you thrive on alone time.

Perhaps your husband is going on a fishing trip this weekend.

Do you find yourself dreaming about all the projects you’ll complete?

Expert Allison finds that when women are left to themselves, they focus on project that Beautify their bodies or environment.

“I’ll get a pedicure.”

“I’ll reorganize the pantry.”

“I’ll hike that amazing trail with a good soundtrack in my ears.”

“I’ll finish that book in SILENCE!”

But above all, we love silence.

Our environment speaks to us, and the needs of people around us SCREAM at us.

We are wired to keep the baby on our hip while making dinner and simultaneously doing laundry.

Our multitasking, which Armstrong defines as “diffuse awareness”, makes sure that we don’t accidentally forget about the baby while making dinner, or let children play unattended in bathtubs.

It’s, coincidentally, the opposite of the masculine’s “single focus”, which helps them focus on one task and serve it to completion.

Armstrong finds that women are so focused on serving their partner that they become exhausted and depleted simply by the way we’re wired for love.

And how is it that we’re wired?

According to Armstrong, the feminine (often but not always the “female” partner) lives to serve the masculine (often but not always the “male” partner” because the masculine is the force that is critical to the protection, provision, and survival of the family.

When your masculine identified partner is away, you recognize and appreciate his or her ability to protect and provide for your family.

In addition, you get a break from serving his or her needs.

Do you want to learn more about making your feminine nature your SUPERPOWER?

Do you want to find a way to hold space for your needs as a feminine being?

Watch this incredible video by MomsWearCapes expert Sara Gustafson on Harmonizing Energies of Feminine and Masculine >


2018-08-07T17:01:02+00:00By |Relationships|0 Comments

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