Fitting In Romance For Busy Moms

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Even with all the responsibility of having children and being a single mom, you still need to make time to date because you deserve to be loved and have a great partner in your life.


As a dating coach, I’m a big advocate for single moms to find love, to not give up on dating, and to take action in this important area of their lives.


I spoke to a single mom recently who has been single for 15 years. She chose to put all of her attention on her children and completely neglected her own needs as woman for over a decade! She denied her needs for connection, intimacy, love and affection (These are basic human needs by the way).  She reached out to me when she was ready to start dating again because she deeply felt the pain of being lonely and she finally put her needs as a priority when her children left the nest.


But do YOU really want to wait 15 years to find someone to share life with?


15 years is a LONG time!


But, this is what can happen if you put off your love life and not make it a priority.


Being a single mom takes a lot of your time and attention. Many single moms tell me that they do not have time to date and I completely understand, but at the same time, I still tell them, MAKE TIME.


You absolutely need to make time to find your dream partner, even if it is just one evening a week or every other week. Find a babysitter or partner up with other single moms so that you can create time to find love. Reserve this night for you to honor your needs as a woman.


Wouldn’t it be great to teach your children that MOM HAS NEEDS?


There is a different love and a different need that is met with a romantic partner. Of course you love your children, but wouldn’t it be great to teach your children the different types of love?


To have your children understand that MOM NEEDS LOVE TOO, and that she needs to spend time finding this love, your children will learn that your needs are important as well.


This is about you living the fullest life possible, and enjoying your life. You can enjoy motherhood, AND a rich dating life which leads to finding a long term partner to share life with.


And the children need to know from you that this person is not there to replace them, or to create a disconnect within the family. This person will enhance your family and your lives because MOM WILL BE HAPPY and this person will love them as well.


So make the time, make your love life a priority, and find your future partner….because your needs are important too.  


2018-05-16T05:41:09+00:00By |Single Moms|0 Comments

About the Author:

Crista is a dating coach, writer, speaker and co-creator of the Jumpstart Your Heart Process™, and creator of the Sure-Fire Dating Formula™ specializing in helping people identify and release their hidden barriers to love and to become the kind of person that is open to love and to easily attract the partner of their dreams. Crista’s passionate commitment to personal growth began with her own spiritual awakening as a teenager, and at age 21, she wholeheartedly devoted herself to meditation and going within. Inspired by a sincere desire to be of service to others, Crista spent her early adulthood investing deeply in her own inner development, healing, transformation and empowerment. She spent much of her time traveling the eastern United States giving informational talks and teaching meditation. In the early 2000’s Crista was introduced to the concept of spiritual partnership by the famous Gary Zukov, and this awakened a new passion within her. Not only did she want to help people commit to their spiritual growth, but she wanted to be a part of helping people develop emotional awareness and attract their soulmate. An avid collector of “tools”, Crista has developed quite the toolbox for assisting others with their own romantic transformations. She received her degree in Communication Studies-Human Relations from the University of Texas specializing in the communication dynamics between men and women.  She also studied Gestalt, Bioenergetics, and Reichian modalities, tools which help people get in touch and heal deep emotions. She has taken numerous transformational coaching courses to fine tune her powerful and loving coaching skills. “Crista is a romantic healer. She helped me to heal my heart and find love.” On a whim in 2009, her passion for happy relationships led her to create a website called Love Your Boyfriend. She was shocked when thousands of women a day from around that world started reading her articles and seeking her advice. Seen as an expert on understanding men and helping women nurture their feminine selves, she provides advice and resources on relationship issues, relationship problems, dating, self-love, creating romance and understanding men.

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