30 Affirmations for Women Entrepreneurs Who Want Publicity

The most important communication you will ever have is the communication you have with yourself. Mental chatter dictates your mood, demeanor and daily progress. Is your self-talk serving you well in your business or is it time to change the recording? As women, we tend to be hard on ourselves. Are you ready to give [...]

9 Lies You’ve Heard About Exercise During Pregnancy

There are dozens of reasons to stay active during pregnancy. It relieves stress, helps your mood, improves sleep, boosts confidence and increases body awareness. What's more... and this is really motivating... research shows that women who exercise during pregnancy have shorter, easier labors with fewer complications.  They enjoy less swelling, less constipation, better posture, decreased [...]

Single Moms Should Never Say This Word

A friend once suggested that I reconsider using the prefix “ex” to describe my son’s father and it changed my life. Currently, I’ve changed my language from using “ex-husband” to “my son’s dad” or more regularly: “my coparent”.   These words have radically altered the way I feel energetically and emotionally towards somebody I am [...]

How Postpartum Depression Almost Landed Me In Jail… (Pt 2 in PPD Series)

Pregnancy was one big frat party to the indefinite hangover that was postpartum. Unlike pregnancy, there weren’t any concise go-to books to help me get through postpartum.  During pregnancy, there’s one goal: to deliver a living baby.  In postpartum there are more issues than you could ever write a single book about.  Just a few [...]

How Smart Women Drive Hoards of Traffic To Their Businesses…

Whether you have a Mom Blog, a clothing shop, a dental practice, or a goal of speaking from stage at Ted with your story or expertise... You need to write a book. But you're a mom.  Who has time for that?! YOU. I'll explain how in a minute... But first, I'll remind you of why YOU need [...]

Cultivating Your Lioness Pride

As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.  Proverbs 12:26 As you've seen this weekend with millions of women marching all over the country, women are putting up with being second class no longer. We're tired of basing our self-worth off of our beauty; thereby sinking every professional, financial, and emotional resource into [...]

How I Beat The Winter Blues…

"Life is made up of sobs, sniffles, and smiles, with sniffles predominating."   This quote is taken from one of my favorite century-year old short stories, The Gift of The Magi by O. Henry.  The story [spoiler alert] takes place in in the early 20th century and involves a woman selling her most prized possession, [...]

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What’s More Valuable Than A Yacht Full of Diamonds?

I'm going to tell you this straight up: I'm the last person to ask about relationship advice. There is a 99.999995% chance I'll never give relationship advice, except to illustrate the numerous errors I've made via this very therapeutic and self-deprecating act of blogging. You see, in the only two relationships I've had in my adult life, I've [...]

The Five Greatest Lessons Feminism Taught Me…

Women are the world's most universally persecuted group of people. We make less money, do more chores, and are objectified to oblivion in the $97 billion global porn industry. But, hey, this isn't a lecture on porn.  (I do have some loving but strong opinions here.) Women are also interrupted more, lied to more in negotiations, [...]

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Why My New Years Resolution Is To Stop Saying Sorry

A few years ago on New Years I resolved to do the Whole 30 Cleanse.  It was grueling but totally worth the pain. Last year I resolved to begin writing again after allowing my gift to sit dormant while I bathed in the sweetness of my new baby.  I hope it's beginning to bless many people. [...]

The 10 Best Free Stock Photos Sites On The Internet

I have spent years paying thousands of dollars on stock photos only to find out that my friends and colleagues were getting way cooler photos than me, and they didn't pay a cent. Last night, because this is what I do on a Sunday night after I put up my Christmas tree, I painstakingly documented the only [...]

What I Learned Reading 55 Books This Year

  Don't let anybody tell you that reading is for children and the elderly.  It is my firm conviction that you can devour dozens of books annually even while in your prime earning years.  I'm one of the busiest working moms I know and I indulged in 55 scrumptious titles this year alone.  (It's December 11th [...]

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5 Reasons Successful People Love To Shovel Snow

  Shoveling snow is definitely one of the best things I've ever been addicted to.  And as long as I'm not one of those few unfortunate people who dies every year while doing it, it's probably a lot better for my health... It is my sincere conviction that snow shoveling is infinitely deeper than removing [...]

Is Junk Food Sex Destroying Your Marriage?

  Sex after a baby. For many mothers, it's the deep, dark, empty abyss where fun and play once flourished.  And let's be honest, at the end of a day with a boogery baby, we don't always feel like sex.  What's more, some women may be so mangled from their pregnancy or delivery that sex [...]

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Repainting My Postpartum Portrait (Part 3 in PPD Series)

Repainting My Postpartum Portrait Her love was full-throated and all encompassing and unadorned. Every day she blew through her entire reserve. ~Cheryl Strayed In September I was now 6 months postpartum and I honestly look about as good as I’ve ever looked. The doctor’s office decided not to press charges. I was finally reveling in [...]

Quelling The Rage Monster… (Part 4 of PPD Series)

Quelling The Rage Monster My beloved teacher Alison Armstrong also discusses in her magnificent talk “Understanding Women”[4] the concept of a rage monster. This is when insult piles up upon injury and women (because men don’t generally do this) stuff it all down, put smiles on their faces, and continue to nurture everybody else and [...]

How PPD Exhaustion Can Make You Feel Out Of Your Mind… (Part 1 in PPD Series)

My son was barely three months old when postpartum depression took hold of me. My husband and I were moving into our home after a 9-month remodel. On the outside, I should have been the happiest woman alive. The house was truly magnificent and situated on a world-class fly-fishing river. The sun was shining and [...]

What Women Need To Dominate In Business & Life

  "Sit At The Table" Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, once hosted a meeting for treasury secretary Tim Geithner at Facebook.  Fifteen executives from across Silicon Valley were invited to discuss the economy over breakfast at Facebook's offices.  Sheryl invited everyone to grab a plate and take their seat.  The men made their plates and sat [...]

Rising To Stardom In A Man’s World

Tina Fey's Bossypants is peppered with enough great quotes about women, body image, and motherhood that it's become a sort of hallmark feminist piece, which I don't think was necessarily Fey's intention. Fey details her meteoric rise from a receptionist in Evanston, Illinois to writer and producer of 30 Rock and Mean Girls, actress, comedienne... and who can forget [...]