The World’s Yummiest Vegan Cream of Mushroom Soup

If I told you that I just made a cream of mushroom soup that's far better than Campbell's, 100% vegan, and so silky you'll want to take a bath in it... would you believe me? Whether or not you do, I challenge you to try this recipe for yourself because your family will thank you for [...]

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Quick Creamy Avocado Shrimp Alfredo

I love cold pastas for lunch, when I actually put forth the energy to eat something besides Goldfish crackers or greek yogurt with granola for lunch.  (C'mon, you know you do it too.) This Creamy Dairy-Free Alfredo is deceptively easy and packed with protein.  Here's the recipe for my go-to quick lunch pasta that gets gobbled [...]

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Cheesy Garlic Alfredo – Weight Loss Friendly

Wow! This turned out crazy good and super cheesy-tasting. I’ve decided to try to cut dairy as much as I can for my overall health, weight loss, and health of my growing baby! But I LOVE dairy.  Feta Cheese on my salads, Yogurt with my fruit in the morning or in a smoothie, and especially [...]

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I Always Have These Easy Healthy Meatballs On-Hand…

I don't use a microwave at home so the prospect of coming home from a busy day and "thawing" out dinner is actually impossible (unless it's 110 degrees out). This forces me to eat fresh food just about every meal.  This is good, but when you're busy with little ones it can be a tall [...]

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