12 Legitimate Work-At-Home Jobs for 2019

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Every moms wants the same thing.

We want to work-from-home doing something we love…

… and we want to make great money doing it.

In fact, every mom wants to find a work-from-home job where they have unlimited income potential for this reason: motherhood makes you SO efficient.  Did you notice that when you became a mom you learned how to maximize your hours like no other? You probably didn’t know you were capable of packing so much into one day!

Mothers are the perfect candidates to succeed in unlimited income potential work-at-home jobs.

After dozens of letters from mothers who were concerned with how they could make the leap from corporate or traditional 9-to-5 jobs to working from home, I decided to compile this list of jobs moms can do from home while making measurably more money than in a traditional job environment.

  • That’s because we want moms to keep all the money they work for.
  • We want moms to have community outside of work, doing something they love.
  • And most importantly, we want moms to enjoy never having to work another day for the rest of their lives; because you love what you do so much you would do it even if you didn’t get paid.

Get-rich-quick schemes like network marketing companies make huge promises, but the average person selling them makes barely $500 a year.  This barely covers the cost of after-school sports!

Plus, how passionate can you really be lining somebody else’s pockets?

I mean, really…

I love lining my own pockets, frankly.  And taking my kid out for sushi. No, seriously, moms deserve freedom of security around finances.

This morning I woke up after only a few hours sleep and couldn’t wait to get online and work.  I love writing articles for Moms Wear Capes, interacting and coaching with members at our Private Members Forum and Facebook Page, and creating fun ideas for content and graphics to bless mamas looking for more purpose, passion, identity and meaning in their lives.

You, too, deserve to live the life you love making as much money as you want.

Here are 12 ways MOMS can make more money at legitimate work-from-home jobs in 2019.

1.  Work-At-Home As A Writer

You don’t have to be a blogger to make great money writing.

In fact, in the Moms Wear Capes program we have several lessons with a writer who teaches moms how they can make MORE money working from home for corporations who are dying for writers than if they were in a traditional work environment.

And if you’re like me, your best writing happens in the middle of the night, anyway.

People need social media content writing, press releases and PR, articles and blog posts, marketing copy, and more.

In this day and age where most business is done online, you can now make more money writing than ever before.

If you have the gift of writing, some of the best money you can make is ghostwriting.  My last two ghostwriting gigs were contracted for between $15,000 and $25,000 each. It takes me approximately six weeks to write a book.  Do the math… that’s phenomenal money I can make while sipping tea in my cozy Aspen living room or sunbathing in my bikini on an Island in the Bahamas.  I’ve actually done both; for nearly 8 years.

If you want to learn more about how to make money writing, visit Moms Wear Capes Academy at www.momswearcapes.com and learn about how Judy Tsuei earns over $100,000 annually writing from exotic places… with a toddler in-tow!

Where To Find Writing Jobs

Even while working from the comfort of your home as a freelance writer, you’ll still need clients unless you find a publisher for a book you’ve written.

Newsflash: published authors still rarely make much money getting their books published!

I recommend starting with your town.  Meet people in-person and mention that you’re a freelance writer.  Take some courses or read some books on marketing copy.

Most companies need great writing, but they don’t have a dedicated full-time staff member to fulfill the writing jobs they need.

This means that moms can work-from-home as a freelance writer easily by finding several companies who need just a few hours a week. Since these companies don’t have the expense of a full-time employee along with benefits packages and other employee benefits, they’’ll likely be willing to pay you $50 or more for your services.

Make sure to put together a writing portfolio with various types of work before you approach a company decision-maker so that you can showcase your best skills. I like to keep a list of all the different blogs, marketing copy, books, and articles I’ve written in a Google Drive that I share. Having everything succinctly in one folder on the Cloud makes it easy for your potential employer to check out your work… and easier for you to share it.

2.  Work-From-Home As A Website Manager or Designer

There are just about precisely NO company that can afford to stay in business without a web presence.

Recently I watched a friend in a consultation with his web designer, who’s received thousands of dollars to create a Squarespace site that’s frankly on the low-end of sub-par.  In short, it’s horrific. And this woman has received thousands of dollars!

I recommend starting with Wix, Squarespace, and Leadpages free trials to cut your chops at web design, if you’ve never done it before.  Learn how to create a simple, functional web page. Learn how to integrate eCommerce with something like Shopify and make sure you teach your client how to update the site on their own – unless you’re charging good money for updating the site!

Most companies think nothing of devoting $1,000 to a website that you can do easily in just a few hours time once you have the information you need.

Even if you have no previous design experience, these sites have templates that are remarkably easy to get the hang of, even if you’re a novice.

How To Acquire Web Design Clients

Start with your neighborhood.  Don’t badger friends and family like an MLM company, but walk around a strip mall.  Design a business card and have it printed inexpensively at your local Printing Shop or Art Store.

Now find local grocers, fitness studios, and other locally-owned businesses. Make a list and go home to assess their websites.  Make a list of things that can improve.

Now when you approach the business where you’re looking to find a web-design job, you are adding value to the company by giving them valuable feedback on their current site (if they have one).

This will engage the Law of Reciprocity; you’ll have shown that you’re a professional AND you’ll have given this business a gift. They will be much more likely to want to hire you.

3.  Work-From-Home As A Social Media Manager

We talked about building websites for people for a living, but let’s also talk about another marketing project that you can get paid great money to perform.

If you love Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the like, you may make for an awesome social media manager.

Here’s the catch, to get a job as a social media manager working-from-home, most companies will want to see your success at having increased the followers on other social media accounts.

This measure of success is your social media resume.

My social media manager is on retainer for $500 a month, no matter how many instagram or Facebook posts she makes.

If you have 10 clients at $500 a month for social media management, you’re easily pulling in $5k a month to do something you love to do already – hang out on social media designing cool posts and engaging with customers!

To scale your business, teach your proprietary methods to an intern or high school student and have them work under you for less money than you.

**** If you want my top secrets to dominating social media, visit www.aspenentrepreneur.com/instagram/** 

4.  Work-From-Home As An Executive Assistant

You know what the great thing is about people who need executive assistants?  They’re executives. They usually have the funds to compensate their assistants well for the job they need.

And as somebody who has had many personal and executive assistants in my day, I can tell you that people are immensely grateful for their personal and executive assistants.

Most importantly, I’ve found that execs are eager to hire moms.  Perhaps it’s because they seem more trustworthy. However, I personally think it’s because we simply do things better.

Moms have learned the art of bending time to get more things done in a day than your average person.

Busy executives don’t have the time to hire remote contractors for every trip they need to schedule or excel spreadsheet they want to create.

That’s where a great, trustworthy executive assistant can provide them tons of leverage.

When you provide lots of leverage to an executive, you should expect to be compensated very fairly for your efforts.

A great full-time executive assistant can make up to $100,000 annually, and more.

For a part-time position you can expect to earn between $30 and $40 hourly, depending on the work.

5.  Work-At-Home As A Beauty Professional

Do you love to do make-up, hair, or wardrobe consulting.

These are fantastic ways to scale your work-at-home business.

Instead of taking one client at a time, try to market yourself as a bridal party beauty consultant or corporate headshots expert so that you can snag larger accounts in the hours you work.

One of the best things about moms who have a knack for dressing fashionably is that you can scale your business to take more clients by offering to work remotely.

Moms Wear Capes expert Shelley Riley talks about how she consults remotely from her computer by finding out sizes for her clients and designing wardrobes after an initial consultation with her clients.  She’s designed everyone from red carpet divas to stay-at-home moms by basically shopping for clothes online for a living!

The bonus?  Don’t leave your computer to perform this work-at-home job.  This saves you time in stores and fitting rooms.

As with any job, it’s best to have a target market.  This means that you will make yourself the Mommy Makeover expert or Corporate Attire expert to be the go-to gal for people in your specific niche.  

Consider where you can really make people shine in the beauty realm and build yourself on a specific target market.  Freely offer business cards when out and about to launch your work-at-home beauty consultant business.

The best part about a work-at-home beauty consultant is that you keep 100% of your earnings and the only up-front cost is your personal branding and marketing, such as business cards and a website.  Rather than filling your Facebook feed (and garage) with MLM products that only elicit a 10% average commission, you can magnify the money you make in the hours you work by working for yourself.

6.  Work-At-Home As A Photographer

People pay a minimum of $500 to sit for a photo shoot with their family, for headshots, or even to have their small business photographed for a website or social media.

If you want to capture repeat photography clients, try finding a local business with a great social media presence or website where there is a need for constant updates and photos.  Local clothing stores may need photos of each new season’s line and fitness professionals love to update their social media presence with photos of their fitness practice.

The upfront cost of this business is a great camera (which can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars) and the time you’ll invest in learning how to use it.  Use YouTube tutorials to hone in your skills and then practice on your family.

You’ll find that for the hours you put into photography, you can scale this business by doing big events either for businesses, networking groups, and large family events such as weddings.  The more people involved and the more pictures one needs edited, the more money you can expect to make.

7.  Work-At-Home As A Consultant

Either currently or in your pre-mom life, did you run a marketing team, sales team, or business?

You are a great candidate to work as a business consultant.

Businesses aren’t shy about investing $100-$1,000 an hour for extremely qualified business coaches.

Market your skills in operations, sales, marketing, human resources, recruiting, or even business mindset coaching.

I know one mom who uses her skills as a recruiter to garner a 10% first-year commission for every intermediate-to-high level hire she obtains.

Being very well-connected to your community means you probably have a pool of local talent at your fingertips on LinkedIn or Facebook.

Hiring is a very long, slow process to find the right fit for a corporate team, and you should be compensated very well for any new talent you bring in to a company who stays for a year or more.

If you have experience organizing businesses on an operational level, you can take short, three-month stints working with a single company to get their operations organized.

Incorporate systems and educate teams about how to use new software and methods to help businesses run more smoothly.

If you love to teach and could sell snow to an eskimo, use your experience in sales to host sales team trainings where you’re paid a seminar rate of, say, $500 to prepare and teach a sales method to corporate environments.

Great targets for sales trainers are insurance companies or other companies that use large inside or outside sales teams.

8.  Work-At-Home As A Bookkeeper

The one year tax day rolls around and a business hasn’t kept great books is the last year a business will allow that to happen!

I personally love working on my business and creating beautiful programs like Superwoman School and interacting with my customers online.  But bookkeeping? It always feels tedious and takes me out of my creative flow.

Most businesses see the value of a great bookkeeper and will compensate well for your time.The best thing about working as a bookkeeper from home is that there are’t a lot of time-sensitive logistics so you have great flexibility in this position.

9.  Work-At-Home As A Group Tutor

Run your at-home business by teaching a skill that you know well to others.

One mom I know makes $30 per child, per day in an all-day summer camp that meets once per week to teach children how to make videos with iPhones.

This is a very good way to take lots of “customers” with your hours, thereby increasing your hourly rate.

Build relationships with school administrative professionals to gain rapport and get your foot in the door to hosting after-school camps or classes for large groups of children.

10.  Work-At-Home As A Music Instructor

If you’re a talented musician, people won’t balk at spending high hourly costs to have you teach them an instrument.

On average, people will pay $50-$100 an hour for a highly-trained musician to share their love and knowledge of music.

With merely a few repeat clients, you can easily make several thousand dollars a month sharing your love of music to individuals or even groups of small children.

11.  Work-At-Home As An Interior Decorator

There are few things more fun to creative moms than shopping for and designing homes.

Imagine getting paid to design beautiful spaces!

People with large homes and lots of rooms to fill often don’t have the time to beautify them.

Be sure to do a few low-cost interior design projects to fill up your portfolio before asking for the big money.

You can easily ask $100 an hour for a great interior design consultation.

Target other busy working parents or get in with moving companies who can send you clients who are moving and in desperate need of some organization.

12.  Work-At-Home As A Professional Organizer

Who doesn’t want their home to have more flow, organization, and order?

One mom I know makes an average of $1,000 per client to organize an entire home.  She simply shops at a store like The Container Store to custom-fit systems to a client’s home.

When you get really good at this work-at-home professional organizer position, you’ll spend less time consulting and make more money with the hours you devote to your craft.

Like professional work-at-home interior designer positions, you can target other busy working parents or get in with moving companies who can send you clients who are moving and in desperate need of some organization.

Find The Best Work-At-Home Jobs for 2019

Every mom wants the same thing: we want to wake up doing something we love to do.

We want to do work that we’d enjoy even if we weren’t getting paid to do so.

However, we also have mouths to feed and little bodies to clothe.

If you’re searching for a way to learn about your deepest passion, purpose, and identity post motherhood, enroll in our 12-week self-paced Moms Wear Capes Academy to get your deepest passion out of the work and relationships in your life.

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