How Smart Women Drive Hoards of Traffic To Their Businesses…

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Whether you have a Mom Blog, a clothing shop, a dental practice, or a goal of speaking from stage at Ted with your story or expertise…

You need to write a book.

But you’re a mom.  Who has time for that?!


I’ll explain how in a minute…

But first, I’ll remind you of why YOU need to write a book.

Start a Movement with Your Message

Whether you have a phenomenal trick that can kick postpartum weight to the curb, a medical procedure that cures disease, or a story to tell about your eating disorder recovery: you have a message.

And it’s your purpose in life to make that message a movement that spreads to millions.

Women are plagued with self-doubt.  You can read about it at length in Lean In, The Feminist Fight Club or The Confidence Code, three books that do a phenomenal job of compiling research on this subject.

Here are the Cliff Notes: you are PERFECTLY qualified to write a book.

What’s more, know that it’s OKAY to make money on your book.  In fact, Mother Teresa made over $100 Million from her 30 books.

You know that people want to hear more about your story.

Everyone keeps telling you that they would read your book or recommend it to their friends.  And you know that a book would help you make the difference you want to make in the world…

The World Deserves Your Book

You have a story to tell and the world deserves to read your book.

Picture a person whose life will be changed by your book.

This person will heal from emotional pain, discover a life-changing method or practice, or become a better mother.

Write your book for that person.  He or she deserves your book.  And if one person’s life will be blessed; it’s worth the writing.

Chances are that if you can envision one person who will benefit from your story, there are millions more.

Books Elevate Your Business or Brand

If you’re unsure about whether or not you can afford to write your story, consider what it will do for your business or brand.

Let’s pretend you’re a full time mom with a phenomenal trick that potty trains children effortlessly.  Or maybe you have the Bible of sleep-training guides.  Perhaps you’re a doula with techniques that promote “orgasmic” birth experiences.  I’ve read a lot about that and 14 hours into my unmedicated labor, it was NOT orgasmic.  I’d love to read your book.

If you write about this expertise, it opens the doors for your brand or business to go global.  Not only will you benefit from book sales, but everybody who’s looking for a coach, consultant, or speaker on this subject can find you.

What about if you’re a management consultant, relationship expert, or operations guru?  Penning your thoughts will establish your credibility in this field and likely send hoards of hungry customers to your door for private consulting.

How To Write a Book That Makes You Millions

Writing a book that makes millions, unless you’re J.K. Rowling, is very unlikely.  There isn’t, frankly, a lot of money in books.

However, writing a book that sells precisely to the people you’re trying to market to can make you millions.

If millions of people buy your book, you’ll make pennies per copy with a traditional publisher model.

However, if you narrow down your target market to, say, the few dozen or few hundred people that will, in turn, use your expertise for private consulting or high ticket speaking engagements, your book doesn’t need to sell millions of copies to make you millions of dollars.

A famous book author and publisher, Tucker Max, described once how he wrote a book for a man with a plumbing business.  You wouldn’t assume that plumbers could make millions of dollars of a book, right?

However, Max describes how so many potential big companies and customers found the book when looking for plumbing expertise that the plumber had to hire several employees right away just to handle the orders that were coming in.

If you want to listen to Tucker’s awesome interview, I *highly* recommend it; go here.

Writing a book is awesome and can make you money; assuming people read it en masse.

But if you’re realistic, you aren’t going to make money off of book sales.  You’re going to make money off the “backend” sales, or the sales that sell high-ticket items like private coaching, consulting, speaking, or contracts.

(Listen to Tucker’s podcast.  It explains this in detail over the course of about an hour.)

Identify Your Voice

Who’s writing your book?  Are you writing as a lofty high-level consultant when your goal is to drive people to a fashion blog? Speak to the reader and speak in the voice they want to read.   Make sure your author’s voice and your business are the same person.  A fashion blogger won’t take the same tone as an oncologist or chiropractor.

Above all, the energy that goes into your writing is the same energy people will feel when they read your book.

When I’m in the middle of writing a book and I can’t bring the energy I want to the table, I focus on research or listening to podcasts on my subject.  This helps me bring the energy back to the manuscript when my thoughts are elsewhere but I have a precious few hours with which to write.

Remember: writer’s block may not be due to a lack of vision.  It may have everything to do with the fact that you aren’t the person who’s meant to write your book.  And that’s okay!  (More on this in a minute…)

When I need to get into my writer’s mode: I identify that one person who’s going to be so blessed by my book that she invites all her friends to read it.  Write to that person who will put their faith in your method, coaching, consulting, or practice.  That’s how you’ll write a book that makes you millions.

Manifest Success

As you sit down to take notes on what you want to write, envision who’s going to read the book and how they’ll find it.  In most cases, self-publishing will take the rejection of finding a publisher and the years of time it could take to find a publisher off the table.

If you’re a visual person, create a vision board that shows you all the places you want the book to take you.  Private masterminds in Costa Rica.  One-on-one coaching with families or corporate executives.  The stage where you’ll be giving a killer Ted Talk.

If you’re less of a visual person, create a business plan that details every step from acquiring domain names, building a website, and finally hitting “publish” if you’re self publishing.

Now that you’ve created a vision, tell the *right* people about your book and the ultimate business goals.  When you tell people about your goals, it helps to hold you accountable for finishing the project.  In addition, telling people about about your goals helps you manifest the vision and turn it into reality.

Above all else remember that confidence in your vision turns thoughts into action.

Confidently create your vision and share it with people who will encourage you or bring the right referrals into your life to turn your book into a business.

Coddle Your Manuscript

Remember when I said that telling the *right* people is important?

Part of manifesting success is guarding your manuscript and ideas with your life.

Don’t share your detailed business plan for dominating the Mommy Blog space with a stock trader; he or she will not likely provide feedback that is positive; or even relevant.

Your manuscript is a vulnerable and impressionable baby.  You don’t want to bring negative or destructive energy anywhere around it.

Naysayers won’t believe in you and their word will cause you to stumble along the way.

Above all, you have to guard your manuscript from people who don’t understand what you’re trying to accomplish; they’ll fill you with self-doubt.

As you’re writing, always picture your reader.  I like to picture the woman who has struggled with eating disorders for decades.  She’s exhausted.  She’s depressed.  She’s broke.  And my words have given her hope.  My words can save her life.

But if I try to get a self-absorbed businessperson to feel compassion for that reader; he or she will struggle to see the value of my work.

In short, don’t solicit or accept feedback from people who aren’t your ideal reader.  Keep your eyes on that person you’re trying to help and you’ll write the perfect manuscript.

Write Notes Everywhere

I scribble notes in books, in my Notes app on the iPhone, in highlights in Kindle, in my email, and in my text messages while I’m listening to Audiobooks.

If I don’t consolidate those notes into a manuscript or safe place, they’re obsolete.  Be diligent about putting your notes together every night.

I like to keep drafts in wordpress of all my future blog posts or notes in Evernote or One Note of all my future book ideas.  I even have a running whiteboard with words for the theme of my next book on Eating Disorders.

Once you begin the writing process, that of researching and generally just thinking about your book, ideas will come upon you with ferocity.  Find a way to capture those ideas no matter where you are.  If you have to pull your car over or begin writing in the middle of the night; our brains don’t always work on demand but they will work.

Now honor the ideas when they come to you and jot them down in a safe place.

Cast A Net In Proportion To Your Target Audience

If you want to write a book on weight loss, you’re probably going to get devoured by several thousand other companies and writers with a lot more money, social media followers, and much better SEO than you.  Nobody will see the book unless you already have a huge follower base, tons of money to spend in advertising, or a gigantic publisher.

For the rest of us, it’s important to cast a net in proportion to our audiences.

I could write a book on motherhood; but I’m a new mommy with only one child.  My book would get devoured.  However, I wrote a book on baby travel that I’m uniquely qualified to write because I basically spent my son’s first 24 months on the road.  What’s more, this narrows down my audience and targets a more manageable market.

Let’s pretend you want to write a book on weight loss for a specific niche, such as former athletes, you have a smaller market that will be much easier to reach.

In your case, you may be able to actually broaden your scope to weight loss through group sports.  Now you have taken a target market of former athletes and broadened it to weight loss for people who love group sports.

You don’t want to cast too wide a net, such as a “weight loss” book or “self-help” book, but you don’t want to isolate a very valid audience, either.


Overcome Your Excuses

You may not have the time.

You may not have the writing skills.

You have perpetual writer’s block.

But these are NOT valid excuses for not writing your book.

So get help.  Find somebody who speaks English *well* and who has the willingness to interview you and unlock the wisdom you have between your ears.

In this day and age, there are millions of phenomenal writers who are dying to help you write your book.  But most of them take on dozens of clients at once and don’t spend the time or energy really diving into your manuscript.

What’s more, reputable ghostwriting services charge between $65 and $150,000 per book.  Yikes!

On the other end of the spectrum, you can find a cheap ghostwriter, but you might not get a great product.  And you certainly won’t get a great marketing plan!

So you don’t want to spend $150k on a ghostwriting service.  And you don’t want a mediocre ghostwriter from Singapore who’s simultaneously designing banner ads on Fiverr.  There has to be a happy medium!

Well, there is.  I’m one of them.

What makes me unique is that I’ve written several dozen books and I don’t charge $150,000 like your average reputable ghostwriting service.

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Stephanie Hirsch has run multiple businesses online varying from weight loss and fitness to finance and personal development. Her passion is to take her years of running companies online to help mothers free themselves from the demands of traditional jobs to prosper in flexible, at-home jobs that they love to do.

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