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As women and as mothers, we are usually caught between wanting to nurture and support everybody around us while also trying to be the self-expressed Superwomen we trained to become through school, higher education, our professional careers, and cultural influences.


And the secret of becoming a Superwoman?  You can have both.


You can run the business of your dreams AND raise your family.


Several dozen moms are doing it and agreed to let me interview them for my Moms Wear Capes project.


But it starts with identifying what you want to do, and what you categorically do NOT want to do.


For instance…


  • Moms Wear Capes expert Deborah Whitby loves finance and numbers.  She’s taken that passion to growing a plumbing company from $400 to over $400,000 in revenue in just 14 months.  


Her son is only three years old.


  • Another Moms Wear Capes expert Corina Frankie took her passion for her “side hustle” of hiring brand ambassadors into a half a million dollar a year business called “Brand Besties” that’s recently gone nationwide.  She’s the breadwinner in her family. An accomplished business woman. A brilliant boss.


And a mother of a two year old.


  • Another Moms Wear Capes expert Rita Almusa took her passion for beauty and skincare to market when she developed “Mint Pear Beauty”.  Now her products are in over 2 million homes.


Her son Nymr is under three years old.


  • Michelle Norris turned her lifestyle into a movement that has become the largest Paleo conference on the planet.  


She’s a mom of three.


  • Andra Liemandt turned a newfound passion for music into a record label complete with nationwide distribution of songs she’s written, music videos, and television appearances.  What’s more, her program for helping children develop self-esteem is now used across the entire state of Texas, and they’re poised to go nationwide.


She’s a mom of two young girls.


  • Susan Young turned her experience in the newsroom into a PR business that helps people get press for their ideas.


Susan is a mother of two.


  • Judy Tsuei started a business using her gift of writing in only seven months, and is already making over six figures a year!  Ariana Huffington personally responds to this boss babe’s emails and she wrote her first book in under 30 days from a camper van with a toddler as she traveled across the country.  


Her child is under two years old.


  • Maruxa Murphy started “Perky Perky” coffee, now grossing over $10k a month, because she had a passion for coffee.  As of the writing of this book, Maruxa just said goodbye to her “full-time” job to devote her resources to her own business and be her own boss, once and for all.


She has three young children and one is under two years old!


  • Paula Stinnett and her husband are taking the personal development world by storm traveling the country speaking about relationships and love.  She’s been raking in four figures per five-week coaching session in her group The Art of Being Queen.


Paula has two children under the age of seven.


  • Rachel Green, CEO of “A Brand Called U” and “Leadership Box”, has been recognized as a Top 40 Under 40 entrepreneur by disseminating her passion for women’s leadership and branding.  

She’s a mom of three.


There are many more stories just like this in the Moms Wear Capes program but what you’ll notice is that each one of these stories is VERY unique.


These women have turned passion into profit.


The goal of Moms Wear Capes is to help YOU turn the thing you love most in life, the thing you’d do in the morning even if you didn’t get paid to do it, into your business.


If you haven’t already signed up to learn about how each and every one of the above mamas (along with a couple dozen more) turned their passion into profits, visit us at


But before we get started watching all these inspiring Mompreneurs, let’s look at how you can get a very basic grasp on what you love, and how to make money doing it.


How have you started your dream business?


What were the most important initial steps to getting that first customer?


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Stephanie Hirsch has run multiple businesses online varying from weight loss and fitness to finance and personal development. Her passion is to take her years of running companies online to help mothers free themselves from the demands of traditional jobs to prosper in flexible, at-home jobs that they love to do.

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