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Maybe you’re starting your home-based business or you’re a mom who wants to work-from-home now that you have precious little ones.

Once you discover your Superpower, how do you get customers?

The key to taking your $15 per hour job and turning it into a $100,000 per year business is to serve more people.

Your business solves a problem.

It’s an injustice to serve one person at a time when you can serve thousands.

I’m not talking about being on every single social media channel posting twenty times a day; this inherently takes time away from your family, and only about one in a million people on Instagram are making any real money with their rapid fire posting habits.

The key to scaling your business is to find your source of income; such as a customer; and get more of them.

You may be saying: wait, Stephanie, but I’m a personal trainer!  How am I going to take more than a few clients per day?

The key to scaling your business to massive success and revenue by getting more clients.  

The best way I know how to do this is to develop three unique strategies.

1.  Develop your brand

Your brand is an experience you have with your customer.=

It’s your relationship.  It’s a blessing you give to somebody.

It’s you sharing your superpower in a way that delights, entertains, or warms the heart of somebody who needs what you have to offer.

Don’t just have a website, but make sure you’re recording videos showcasing your superpower.  Blog or write articles about it – but not every day.

Working smarter doesn’t involve creating more content; or even posting on social media every day.

Rather, you need to to develop a clear brand.  Who are you?

I’m the Startup Business Coach and Mindset Teacher at Moms Wear Capes.

Every person I meet is a prospect who may or may not benefit from Moms Wear Capes or my business coaching.  In some words, I’m always selling my brand.

We’ll talk more about how to propel your brand with networking in a minute.

Here are a few more ways you can propel your brand…


2.  Develop Your Tribe

Notice I didn’t say, “develop your network” because the beautiful thing about your superpower is that you’re always selling it just by being you.

The best way to develop your tribe is to get involved with like-minded entrepreneurs who are interested in collaborations, like my customers do in our private Superwoman School Members’ Forum.

When you have a strong entrepreneur tribe around you; you have a flock of supportive men and women who will refer customers to your business.  You’re inherently invested in growing one another’s businesses because the environment of entrepreneurship clubs is one of support as well as challenging one another.

When I first moved to Austin, Texas, I took this point very seriously.  I attended cocktail parties for my specific industry and got involved with a tribe of female entrepreneurs that was fabulously invested in one another’s success.  Not only do all of my current best friends belong to my network of female entrepreneurs, but our very friendship propels my business.

Motivational speaker Jim Rohn says that we are the sum of the 5 people we spend the most time with.  

Around whom do you surround yourself?  Are they helping propel you towards your dreams, or hindering you?

When you find ambitious, like-minded entrepreneurs will probably become your best friends because you’re all committed to growth and consciousness together.

What’s more, women are inherently nurturing and supportive; I’ve seen women bend over backwards to help propel my business.

Step back for a second on this note and take the pulse of your current network of friends, family, and business associates.

Are they committed to your success?

Another crazy story of how I made my entrepreneurship tribe in a work smarter, not harder way is the story of how I acquired my experts for the Moms Wear Capes Superwoman School.  

I wrote down a list of every impressive, well-connected, and interesting female entrepreneur I could think of.  For an entire month I called every single one of them with this offer:

If you let me interview you for an hour for Superwoman School, I will do a professional photo shoot with you and allow you to keep the photos and videos for free.  I will invest the money in a professional videographer and allow you to use pieces of that content for your own programs. I will blast promotional posts out for you on social media as a thank you for contributing to the Moms Wear Capes movement.

Almost NOBODY said no.  I was able to sit down with dozens of MOM-preneurs making over $100,000 working from home and get them to tell me all their secrets to success.

In fact, the one woman who said she was too busy later came back when the world began buzzing about my program and said she wanted back in.

At that point, I had to politely decline.  Work smarter by presenting people you need something from with a compelling, win-win offer.

Sell Your Superpower Online

The other day I sat down with a woman who had two unprofitable businesses.  

“How do I scale my business?”  She asked.

“Well, first off your brand is all off.  You’re the yoga girl but you’re also the energy healer and spiritual coach.  You need to combine the two businesses to put all your wood behind one arrow”, I explained.

We had an idea that we could continue taking one-on-one clients for this woman in her healing business and that after every session, she could get on camera and discuss her experience in the healing.

She’ll post those videos on social media and then provide yoga postures and meditations to help other people clear energy, move past trauma, and repair injuries that are energy-related.

Now my friend has put all her wood behind one arrow and she’ll be more focused AND profitable when she starts developing a following around her healing platform and yoga platforms combined as opposed to juggling separate businesses.  

My friend now isn’t creating content for a whole new business; she’s combining the two businesses.

In other fields, I’ve had friends who run companies that you wouldn’t think would benefit from an online presence who’ve taken their business to new heights by making their online presence simple, clear, and sticky.

If you have a problem you can solve, you can create online content.

One of the most important lessons I can teach moms is that you don’t have to have a store or real estate to make millions of dollars and reach millions of people.

Offer a free eBook or video series and require nothing but your prospects’ email addresses.  Create an online course. Do group coaching. I’m going to break all of this down, step-by-step for you at the end of this webinar.

You can generate money from your genius by creating content to sell in person and online with sources such as:

      • Membership Sites
      • eBooks
      • Information products
      • Or by referring your current followers to other people’s programs or products for a commission.

One lesson you’ll learn in Module One Lesson 3 of Superwoman School is that you don’t have to be the best in something.

You just have to be one or two steps ahead of somebody else for your Superpower to be profitable.  Somebody needs what you have, and the right customer is willing to pay for it.

Stay in touch with those prospects by sending out one email per week with incredible, killer, totally beneficial content for them.

4.  Consolidate your distribution channels

I love helping moms increase their distribution channels.  More distribution channels mean more visibility which equates to more customers!

There are thousands of distribution channels for your business, but here are a few you can consider:

    1. Word-of-mouth with strategic partners, i.e. networking
    2. Television
    3. Blog
    4. Facebook
    5. Twitter
    6. Instagram
    7. YouTube
    8. Podcast
    9. Email
    10. Professional and Industry-specific groups, clubs, and memberships
    11. Conferences
    12. Newspaper and Blog Article Contribution (Online and Off)

You don’t have to be on every single distribution channel, but you need to settle on three to five in order to focus your efforts successfully.  

My Moms Wear Capes distribution channels are:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Blog
  • Word-of-mouth advertising
  • Strategic Partnerships

You may think that your skill isn’t relevant to all of these distribution channels.

Maybe you’re a local professional organizer who handles clients one-on-one.

However, how many people would clamor for the information you can provide?

Here are ways you can scale your magic beyond one-on-one?

That brings me to my last point in this Secret to generating hoards of raving fans to your business or idea.

5.  Sell Your Magic

Develop your brand.  Develop your tribe. Sell your superpower online.  Get a wide variety of distribution channels. And sell your genius for what it’s worth.

Too many mothers are busy giving away their magic for free.

But if you can’t pay your bills, who is really benefiting?

Nobody, because you’ll go out of business.

To learn more ways to ask for what you’re WORTH (which is a lot), visit Superwoman School today.


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About the Author:

Stephanie Hirsch has run multiple businesses online varying from weight loss and fitness to finance and personal development. Her passion is to take her years of running companies online to help mothers free themselves from the demands of traditional jobs to prosper in flexible, at-home jobs that they love to do.

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