Why BOSSES Earn 312 Times MORE…

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In the U.S., bosses earned 312 times more than the average worker in 2017, according to the Economic Policy Institute.

In fact, CEO’s in America’s largest companies got a 17.6% pay increase last year…

… While employees got nearly no pay increase; just .3% according to the stats.

During my teenage years and most of my adult life, I would have scoffed at these statistics.

I may have even gotten choked up as I “slung hash” waiting tables in breakfast joints, barely able to pay my student loans.

I may have flipped a cuss word or two, on my way to the south side of Chicago to try and sell insurance in some of the most violent neighborhoods in the murder capital of the country.

I may have wallowed in self-pity and blamed my parents for being poor or my education for being insufficient and too expensive.  For a long time I didn’t stand in my power; I played victim.  Coincidentally, I was the most poor in my life during those years…

I don’t get mad about these statistics anymore.

Namely, I feel empowered: I, too can create immense wealth.

Also, I give back; I’ve always made sure my employees make 20-30% more than other people in their same position at my companies.

I am motivated; too many mothers are trying to run their own businesses with MLM or network marketing and barely paying the bills; I’m here to change that.

Finally, I am empowered.

I’ve discovered the blueprint to creating incredible financial success in my own life by interviewing every successful woman I meet.

Many of them I filmed sharing success secrets in Moms Wear Capes Academy.

How To Share In The Increasing “Rich Bosses” Trend

If you aren’t creating the wealth… studies show you aren’t going to share in the profit.

According to The Guardian, the gap is getting MUCH wider.

  • In 1965, the CEO-to-worker compensation ratio was 20-to-1.
  • In 1989, it was 58-to-1.
  • In 2017, it was 312-to-1.

In all likelihood, you or I will never be the CEO of GE or McDonald’s.

But also likely: you won’t share in your company’s profits if you’re working for a big corporation.

As I see it, there are only two ways to make money in this increasingly bifurcated society.

  1. Become an Intrapreneur
    • Many mothers become successful and get more than the average worker’s share of a company’s profits by becoming an intrapreneur; or a decision-maker from within a company. Here, you have power to make an impact in your corporation or company.
  2. Become an Entrepreneur
    • I am the consummate entrepreneur.  Every time I see a chance to invest or make money doing something I love, I take the risk.  I sell myself and my skills for a fair price; generally at least $250 an hour.
    • In fact, I am currently bringing in revenue from the following income streams:
      • Small Business Coaching
      • Book consulting & Ghostwriting
      • An online entrepreneurship & mindset training program called Moms Wear Capes Academy
      • Website design
      • Local educational seminars

What have you done to get off the “wheel” and create income in your life?

Are you sharing in your company’s profits, or are you working for a barely livable wage as an employee.

Here at Moms Wear Capes, we’re making moms BOSSES who get off the wheel and get paid for their contribution.

If you want help starting or expanding your own business..,

Watch how this mom turned a passion for skincare into a company that got into 2 million homes in just 1 months…


2019-03-24T05:53:53+00:00By |Work At Home|0 Comments

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Stephanie Hirsch has run multiple businesses online varying from weight loss and fitness to finance and personal development. Her passion is to take her years of running companies online to help mothers free themselves from the demands of traditional jobs to prosper in flexible, at-home jobs that they love to do.

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