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Exercises Moms Can Do At Home

When I became a mom, I thought I’d have a life-long pass to eat whatever I want and blame it on “being a mom”.

And then… I became a single mom.

I was devastated… and I was also committed to looking good on that exciting first date!

I hired two private fitness coaches, Rashanna Moss and Shannon Pike, to help me get back in shape.

I told them that I needed to have the hottest “mom bod” on the planet, and that I needed it FAST.

But above all…

… I shared…

… I needed to have the flexibility to do these workouts at home in between bath time, meal times, mounds of dishes, loads of laundry, and stepping back and forth from my computer running my at-home business.

As most of you know from my very transparent Instagram, I’m now happily dating again…

… And I’m enjoying a body I love.

This video will show you what MY trainers gave me to recover from a traumatic delivery, and what you can do to stay in shape when you don’t have time to hit up a yoga class or gym.

Have fun!

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