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How Fascinating People Like You (finally) Write A Book So That You Can Command Authority In Your World As A Published Author

Whether you have a blog, a clothing shop, a dental practice, a decorated military career, a story of healing, or a goal of speaking from stage at Ted with your story or expertise…

You need to write a book.

But c’mon… who has time for that?!


And you can do it in just 30 days…

You have a message.

And it’s your purpose in life to make that message a movement that spreads to millions.

You are totally qualified to write a book.. and make money to do so!

In fact, Mother Teresa made over $100 Million from her 30 books.

But until now, you haven’t known where to even begin…

Picture a person whose life will be changed by your book.

This person will heal from emotional pain, discover a life-changing method or practice, or become a better mother.

Chances are that if you can envision one person who will benefit from your story, there are millions more.

Writing a book that makes millions, unless you’re J.K. Rowling, is very unlikely.  There isn’t, frankly, a lot of money in books.

However, writing a book that sells precisely to the people you’re trying to market to can make you millions.

When you narrow down your target market to, say, the few dozen or few hundred people that will, in turn, use your expertise for private consulting or high ticket speaking engagements, your book doesn’t need to sell millions of copies to make millions of dollars.

Smart authors rely on “backend” sales, or selling high-ticket items like private coaching, consulting, speaking, or contracts in their service business.




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