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Writing Jobs Moms Can Do At-Home

Every moms wants the same thing.

We want to work-from-home doing something we love…

… and we want to make great money doing it.

In fact, every mom wants to find a work-from-home job where they have unlimited income potential for this reason: motherhood makes you SO efficient.

Did you notice that when you became a mom you learned how to maximize your hours like no other?

You probably didn’t know you were capable of packing so much into one day!

(You’re awesome 😉

Mothers learn how to be more efficient and productive with WAY less time.

In fact, the average mother works 98 hours a week!

That’s why I believe mothers are the perfect candidates to succeed in unlimited income potential work-at-home jobs.

Moms deserve to live the lives they love making incredible money more than anybody else on earth!

And if you’ve got the gift of writing, here’s how Judy Tsuei built a six-figure writing business from home!

Work-At-Home As A Writer

You don’t have to be a blogger to make great money writing.

In fact, in the Moms Wear Capes Academy, we have curated several lessons with a writer who teaches moms how they can make MORE money working from home for corporations who are dying for writers than if they were in a traditional work environment.

And if you’re like me, your best writing happens in the middle of the night, anyway. 😉

People need social media content writing, press releases and PR, articles and blog posts, marketing copy, and more.

In this day and age where most business is done online, you can now make more money writing than ever before.

If you have the gift of writing, some of the best money you can make is ghostwriting.

My last two ghostwriting gigs were contracted for between $15,000 and $25,000 each.

It takes me approximately six weeks to write a book.

Do the math… that’s phenomenal money I can make while sipping tea in my cozy Aspen living room or sunbathing in my bikini on an Island in the Bahamas.

I worked as a ghostwriter part time for 8 years before I became a business coach.

So trust me, I can tell you with confidence and experience; there’s definitely money in writing!

Visit Moms Wear Capes Academy and learn about how Judy Tsuei earns over $100,000 annually writing from exotic places… with a toddler in-tow!

If you prefer to write your own book instead of a book for somebody else, check out this system I created after 8 years of writing professionally here.>>>>

Where To Find Writing Jobs

Even while working from the comfort of your home as a freelance writer, you’ll still need clients unless you find a publisher for a book you’ve written.

(Newsflash: most published authors don’t make much money from books!  They make most of their money using books to lead people into another business.)

So where can you find great clients?

Most of my best clients come from my home town.

When people tell me they want to write a book, I let them know that I would be happy to pen their book as a ghostwriter.

You can also meet people in-person and mention that you’re a freelance writer.

Most companies need great writing, but they don’t have a dedicated full-time staff member to fulfill the writing jobs they need. This means that moms can work-from-home as a freelance writer easily by finding several companies who need just a few hours a week.

Since these companies don’t have the expense of a full-time employee along with benefits packages and other employee benefits, they’’ll likely be willing to pay you $50 or more for your services.

Make sure to put together a writing portfolio with various types of work before you approach a company decision-maker so that you can showcase your best skills. I like to keep a list of all the different blogs, marketing copy, books, and articles I’ve written in a Google Drive that I share.

Having everything succinctly in one folder on the Cloud makes it easy for your potential employer to check out your work… and easier for you to share it.

By far the best way to make money as a freelance writer, however, is to have a great personal brand.

How To Brand Yourself As An Online Writer

Writers must brand themselves as an individual business as well as a great writer.


  1.  Get testimonials after every HAPPY customer you bless
  2.  Get phenomenal social media presence that inspires people and makes them want to follow you for years to come
  3.  Develop a branding MISSION statement.  It should sound like this, “Hi, I’m _______.  I help people _________ so that _________.”
  4. Get a coach!

Business coaches are phenomenal because they have already invested the money into… well… making money!

You will take all the years of experience and lessons they have learned in just a few short, concise hours of training.

It’s better than a college degree!

Make sure your coach has actually MADE MONEY in the field you’re going into…

Not just a coach who coaches people on how to coach.

(That shit drives me insane.)

In Moms Wear Capes Academy, we have 30 successful women who teach you how to brand yourself as an expert in your field.

They have training on everything ranging from:

  • Developing a beautiful offer people will be happy to pay for
  • Getting free press for your new business
  • Dominating social media as an influencer
  • … And how they balanced their businesses with being great moms!

For more videos that help you learn how to build profitable businesses that you will feel proud of, visit Moms Wear Capes Academy.

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